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Alex Master
Become a Successful Magician by Alex Master
  • Should you become an amateur or professional magician?
  • Do you need an agent?
  • The business side of magic shows: Microphones and other sound equipment
  • The business side of magic shows: Promotional materials
  • Phone calls
  • Brochures/Flyers/Cards
  • The business side of magic shows: The media and advertising
  • Tri-media
  • Print
  • TV
  • Radio
  • New media
  • Websites
  • The business side of magic shows: Liability insurance
  • The business side of magic shows: Finding your gigs
  • The business side of magic shows: What about costumes & makeup?
  • Should you have an assistant?
  • Learning the tricks:...
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Alex Master
I Segreti dell'Ipnosi by Alex Master

Impara a sfruttare la potenza dell’Ipnosi.

Soffri di un disturbo del dolore cronico? Hai la fibromialgia, la sindrome da stanchezza cronica o un’altra condizione che ti lascia costantemente in pena?

Sei uno dei milioni di persone che hanno provato tutto per perdere peso, ma non sono stati in grado di perderlo? Una delle tue aspirazioni del tuo nuovo anno è finalmente quella di smettere di fumare? C’è un trattamento che può aiutare con tutte queste condizioni e altro ancora. Ipnosi.

La comunità medica era solita ridere dell’ipnosi come un trucco da salotto che i maghi facevano...

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Alex Master
Come diventare un Mago di Successo by Alex Master

Per divertimento o profitto!

Un mago dilettante è chiunque abbia un minimo di talento, abilità e conoscenza quando si tratta di eseguire trucchi magici. Lui o lei potrebbe essere chiunque conosca un trucco magico o almeno tre trucchi magici.Ma in fondo, una definizione più tecnica di un mago dilettante è chiunque non pratichi in alcun modo la magia come mestiere, anche se conosce quattro, cinque, sei o più di una serie di trucchi magici. Questo a prescindere da quanto possa essere bravo nell’effettuare giochi di prestigio o illusioni.

Tuttavia, ci sono quei maghi dilettanti che...

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Alex Master
Online Poker by Alex Master

It's becoming almost as big as baseball, football, hockey, and other sporting events. Television has increased its popularity. With the Internet, it's coming into our homes at a lightning-fast rate. The rage that's sweeping the nation - poker! Although the game has been around for years played in family recreation rooms, smoky bars, casinos, and even retirement homes, these days, poker has become the game of choice for hundreds of thousands of people.

Family game night used to mean getting out the Monopoly board and battling over Park Place and Broadway. Now, family game night is more likely...

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Alex Master
The Secrets of Hypnosis by Alex Master

Do you suffer from a chronic pain disorder? Do you have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or another condition that leaves you in constant pain? Are you one of the millions of people that have tried everything to lose weight but haven't been able to lose weight and keep it off? Is one of your New Year's Resolutions to finally quit smoking? There is one treatment that can help with all of these conditions and more. Hypnosis. The medical community used to laugh off hypnosis as a parlor trick that magicians did to amuse children at birthday parties or entertain people in night clubs by...

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Alex Master
Magic Trick Compilation by Alex Master

Easy and simple magic tricks for the beginner.

  • Why Do You Want to Learn Magic Tricks?
  • What are the Easiest Tricks to Learn?
  • The Key to Magic – Sleight of Hand
  • What is an Illusion?
  • Easy Money Tricks Using Bills
  • Easy Money Tricks Using Coins
  • Easy Magic Tricks Using Scarves and Handkerchiefs
  • Fun and Simple Card Tricks
  • Fascinating Rope Tricks
  • Cups and Balls Routines
  • Simple Elastic Tricks
  • Fun Dice Tricks
  • Tips for Becoming a True Entertainer
  • How Much Practice Will it Take?
  • How Many Tricks Should You Perform?

1st edition 2021, PDF 34 pages.

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)