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Anate Extended
by Dee Christopher

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Anate Extended by Dee Christopher

Anate Extended represents a milestone in the development of this technique, which was first published in Anate. Since the original release, this has become an incredibly popular tool, much more so than we ever imagined it would.

Anate Extended is a supplement to the original ebook which contains lots more outs, applications, strengthening techniques, practice techniques, and routines from Titanas, Lloyd Barnes, Chris Lafferty, Steven Dylan Palmer and of course Dee himself!

Effects List:

Broken Watch - DC and Titanas

 The magician proves that he knew the outcome of a 1 in 10 choice of cups on the table by placing an object inside - 100% hit rate

PsychoLogic - Steven Palmer

 Steven's ANATE routine - A fantastic take on the original effect

A(nate)CR - Chris Lafftery

 A magician's routine for the ANATE force comprising a thought of card appearance and a prediction all wrapped up in an ACR!

Thought of card under watch - Lloyd Barnes
A thought of card appears under the spectator's watch!

Bank Night - Titanas
A great practice routine for ANATE - You can work with 100% hit rate or go ultra clean using just the ANATE force!

Plagued (Anate Stigmatisms) - DC
A spectator's handprint burns onto your flesh, in the middle is a thought of number. Similar in effect to an inverted Stigmata routine, but different, while just as organic in methodology.

The PDF is jam packed with crazy material to take your ANATE use to the next level, detailing never before noted techniques, scripting additions, ways to cancel the thought of the experiment ever happening if you miss and even a brand new linguistic force that you can use in place of ANATE or along side to strengthen the original force.

Please note, Anate Extended does not contain any mention of the secret technique. So you will need to own the original manuscript.

"The extended version of Anate is diabolical. The new additions are strong and give you the highest succes rate possible. All the routines are well thought out and provide you a unique approach to the basic concept of ANATE. Awesome job Dee!" - Martin Adams (Succubus, Mystra Deck) 

"Wonderful! This rounds out the idea taking it to a whole new level. Congratulations!" - Ben Harris (Cosmosis, Enlightenment, Crossroads) 

"This is an excellent supplement! I still love the Anate concept; simple, devious and really strong. Like any psychological force, it isn't going to hit every time but this manuscript is over flowing with alternative directions to take it on those rare occasions. This, for me, is what mentalism is all about; bold and beautiful." - Jack Curtis (Professional Mentalist and creator of DVP)

"................" - (speechless) Eric Ross (Canfuse, Infinity Bend, Election)

1st edition 2009; 14 pages.
word count: 5507 which is equivalent to 22 standard pages of text