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Annotated Secret Professional Pseudo-Hypnotic Methods
by W. G. Magnuson & Devin Knight


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Annotated Secret Professional Pseudo-Hypnotic Methods by W. G. Magnuson & Devin Knight

This is a reprint of the rare and hard to find Secret Professional Pseudo-Hypnotic Methods first released by G. W. Magnuson in 1931. The original manuscript was poorly typed and full of typos and grammatical errors. Devin Knight has taken this work and reset the type to make it easier to read, corrected the typos and grammar and added photos. In addition, Devin has annotated the text with badly needed updated information regarding these methods.

Interestingly, Magnuson did not believe there was such a thing as real hypnosis and developed an act of pseudo hypnosis. Some of his best effects are revealed in this work. You may have heard of these effects and wondered how they were done; now the veil is lifted revealing these lost secrets. There is no real hypnotism in the book, just clever tricks he used to fool the "suckers" as he termed his audience.

CHALLENGE HYPNOTISM TEST: When a skeptic comes up and challenges the performer to hypnotize him, the performer instantly puts him under hypnosis. This is not the case; the performer actually renders the skeptic unconscious with a simple touch revealed in this book! This method is 100% foolproof and works on anybody. A little known and almost forgotten technique. Nelson Enterprises used to sell this secret as Instant Hypnosis for $10.00. This was a favorite technique of the late John Calvert and he used it in many of his shows.

HYPNOTIZING SMALL ANIMALS: Learn how Magnuson used to amaze his audiences by instantly causing small animals such as birds to fall asleep at his command.

CAUSING FLOWERS TO DROOP: An amazing act that the performer can do with any living plant of flowers that has not been gimmicked. The performer walks up to a plant of flowers or cut flowers, he commands the flowers to sleep and WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM he instantly causes the flowers to droop over as sleeping. This used to be a feature in Ormond McGill's show. Looks unbelievable. The real secret is revealed in this PDF.

GREAT TASTE TEST: This pseudo hypnotic test has been used by many hypnotists including Reveen and Ormond McGill. No real hypnotism is involved. Performer tells the spectator to imagine he is eating a candy bar. The person feels a sweet taste in his mouth (he really does), the performer then shows a bottle of nasty tasting medicine and says the person will feel a bitter taste in his mouth and he does. This is practical and workable today for any mentalist or hypnotist. You never touch the person, but he experiences both sweet and bitter sensations in his mouth.

STOP A HEARTBEAT WITH HYPNOSIS: The famous Ovette used to sell this secret as Black Death for several dollars back in his day. The real secret to apparently causing either your's or a subject's heartbeats to stop using a clever trick. Not the pulse, but actual heartbeats. A rare and almost unknown secret.

RAISE A SUBJECT'S TEMPERATURE: Have a committee check someone's temperature on stage. The performer claims he will cause that person's temperature to rise through hypnosis. A few seconds later that person's temperature has risen 10 degrees! A sure fire-method that works and is safe to use in today's performances. Note: You cannot do this using real hypnosis, so it will fool other hypnotists. [This requires a confederate.]

BLOOD CONTROL: Cause a subject's arm to turn as white as a sheet, then return to normal. The performer could also do this to himself.

THE HUMAN BRIDGE: The real non hypnotic secret behind this. [This requires a confederate.]

BREAKING A ROCK ON A SUBJECT'S CHEST: This feat is still being done today and is occasionally seen on TV shows. Performer takes a large rock and places it on a subject's chest and takes a sledgehammer and breaks the rock, causing no pain or discomfort to the hypnotized subject. The real secret. Yes, it is a trick. [This requires a confederate.]

SUBJECT CAN'T SING OR WHISTLE: The performer takes away the ability of someone to sing or whistle. This can be done as a party stunt and bring the house down or as a bit during a hypnotic show using this clever trick.

This PDF is being released for historical reference and for informational purposes only. Everything in the PDF works and has been used by famous performers. However, some of the material revealed in this book could be dangerous and Devin does not recommend you try everything in the PDF, the secrets being revealed are for the curious who wonder how such things are possible and to increase your magic knowledge. Use the information in this PDF at your own risk. Neither the author nor distributor is liable for any bodily harm that may come from misuse of the information in this ebook.

1st edition 2015, 17 pages.
word count: 3717 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Shane Lootes (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Friday 20 January, 2023

Awful waste of time book regrettably, nothing practical at all that you don't already know.

Reviewed by Don Jarrard (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 21 August, 2022

Good stunts. Some use stooge. The flower trick uses a chemical not available to anyone but surgeons. That is why I gave it 3 stars. If he had other chemical methods. Same with animal hypnosis.