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Another Card Book
by Al E. Smith

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Another Card Book by Al E. Smith

Oh No Not Another Card Book is probably a more apt title for a card book. In fact for any card book published since the printing press was first unleashed. On the other hand, what's wrong with another card book? That's a rhetorical question, since the obvious answer is nothing. Card fans can't get enough of their favourite fix and anything that only marginally irritates those non-persons who pretend they aren't fond of cards has got to be good news.

This collection is partly that; a revisit to some previously published oddments and a few new(?) assaults on familiar card-friendly themes.


  • First Cut
  • Replicard
  • Tomorrow Never Goes
  • Knavel Manoeuvres
  • Putting On The Spell
  • Speclocator
  • Castoutspell
  • Stebbin Out For A Spell
  • For Whom The Spell Tolls
  • Switch Card Swindle Con
  • Court Card Confection
  • Ten Card Miracle
  • Open Cheater
  • Prophesy Move
  • Entrapment
  • Opencryption
  • Almatch
  • Staystak
  • Coincidate
  • Triogatheral
  • An Occasional False Bottom
  • Poker Player's Packsnack
  • Notamyth
  • Seltroffe Control
  • Final Deal

1st edition 2013, 68 pages.
word count: 23263 which is equivalent to 93 standard pages of text