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by Joseph B.

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ARCAAN by Joseph B.

ARCAAN is an ACAAN with two decks of cards that is not only very easy to do but a complete miracle. It works every single time and always with a different card. For fans of the theme, it is certainly a gem to try.

Two decks: one blue and the other red. The spectator chooses one. Let's say the red deck. The spectator cuts from the deck a completely random number of cards and then he counts them. Then he shuffles the deck and puts a Joker into the middle of the deck. The card on the right of the joker will be the suit and the card on the left will be the value. Now we have a random number and a random card. In the blue deck, the card will be exactly at that number!

All you need are two normal decks of cards and some preparation.

1st edition 2022, video 12:51.

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