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Arcane Tarot Stories
by Renzo Grosso

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Arcane Tarot Stories by Renzo Grosso

"Tarot is a deck of cards but the Tarot represents a person. We are the Tarot and we use the Tarot because we live." (Andrea Mecchia)

I don't know if it happens to you too ... when I particularly love a project, I start to collect elements, I work on it a bit, but it always seems that something is missing ... you leave and resume the project, but that something is always missing ... then, one day, it arrives like that in one fell swoop, and makes everything good.

This is the story of this project, which I finally want to share, with the hope that it will also satisfy your desire to present a routine with a somewhat particular, very "magical" setting.

It consists of four sections because I wanted to use the tarot deck in a crescendo of effects, without always using the entire deck:

  • The ritual of the figures: Page, Queen, King, and Knight
  • The ritual of the Numbers of the Minor Arcana
  • The ritual of the Major Arcana
  • The ritual with the entire deck

In the four Rituals, the spectator will choose cards: the cards themselves will judge whether the ritual will be performed correctly.

1st edition 2021, PDF 22 pages.
word count: 4010 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text

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