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Arthur Prince

Arthur Prince

(London, England: 17th November 1881 - 14th April 1948)

Amateur expert all-round magician and top pro ventriloquist. Prince and his ventriloquist doll Sailor Jim made their London debut in 1902 at the South London Palace. He is remembered for having his dummy singe while Prince drank a glass of water or smoked a cigar. They went on to appear at all the leading music halls in the United Kingdom, including the first Royal Command Performance at the Palace Theatre in 1912. A world tour followed with their comedy act "Naval Occasions".

He became Vice-President of the Magicians' Club and wrote The Whole Art of Ventriloquism.

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Arthur Prince
The Whole Art of Ventriloquism by Arthur Prince

A great book by the World's greatest ventriloquist. The author deals with the whole subject of ventriloquism, introducing several original dialogues.

The book includes physical advice and diagrams of the important organs and description of the parts they play in correct ventriloquial use of the vocal chords, tongue, throat diaphram, etc., the proper care of mouth, gums and teeth, throat care and nasal douching. Strengthening exercises for the body, neck, throat, and tongue, vocal exercises, production of the colloquial and distant voices, ventriloquial work and dialogue, both with and without...

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