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The Whole Art of Ventriloquism
by Arthur Prince

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The Whole Art of Ventriloquism by Arthur Prince

A great book by the World's greatest ventriloquist. The author deals with the whole subject of ventriloquism, introducing several original dialogues.

The book includes physical advice and diagrams of the important organs and description of the parts they play in correct ventriloquial use of the vocal chords, tongue, throat diaphram, etc., the proper care of mouth, gums and teeth, throat care and nasal douching. Strengthening exercises for the body, neck, throat, and tongue, vocal exercises, production of the colloquial and distant voices, ventriloquial work and dialogue, both with and without figures. There is also a big section devoted to ventriloquial imitations of a large variety of articles, instruments, and creatures. Uniquely and informatively illustrated by a method which is, in the writer's experience, entirely novel.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: How Do You Do It?
  • Chapter II: Human Vocal Organs
  • Chapter III: Mouth and Teeth, the Nose, Jaw Exercises, Throat and Neck Exercises, Tongue Exercise, Rubbing
  • Chapter IV: Head Voice Exercise, Chest Voice, Heat to Chest Voice Exercised, Humming and Female Voice, Grunting and the Male Voice
  • Chapter V: The Far-Distant Voice, Pronouncing Words
  • Chapter VI: The Ventriloquist Without the Figure, Friends Outside the Window, the Returning Roysterer and the Policeman, the Sleeping Child, a Distinct Novelty
  • Chapter VII: Cow, Donkey, Lion, Dog, Puppy, Pig, Horse, Cock-Growing, Hen Chuckling, Little Chicks, Parrot
  • Chapter VIII: Trombone, Cornet, Saxophone and Basso, Clarionet, Banjo, One-String Fiddle, Harp, Xylophone, Violoncello
  • Chapter IX: Fireworks, the Gramophone, Opening a Soda-Water Bottle, Tyre Valve, Bottle of Claret, Sawing Wood, Circular Saw, Bluebottle Fly
  • Chapter X: Personality of Your Figures, Buying Your Figure, Repairs
  • Chapter XI: Short Dialogue, Smoking and Drinking
  • Chapter XII: Performing in a Room, for Stage Work, Imagination, an Actor, Jokes
  • Chapter XIII: Girl Dialogue
  • Chapter XIV: Dialogue Page and Footman
  • Chapter XV: Ventriloquial Sketch
  • Chapter XVI: Ventriloquial Sketch: Mrs. Brown's Tea Party
  • Instructions for Working the Miniature Ventriloquial Figures
  • Ventdollie Dialogue for Boy and Girl Figures

1st edition 1921, 100 pages; PDF 64 pages.
word count: 17783 which is equivalent to 71 standard pages of text

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