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Arun Bonerjee

Arun Bonerjee

Arun started off in magic at the age of 8 in 1950, after witnessing a stage performance by Magician K. C. whom he considers his guru. After finishing school, Arun pursued his hobby with small shows in his locality, till 1962, when he met Sri Ashoke Roy, a legendary figure on the local magic scene. Sri Roy influenced Arun to pursue magic literature which opened for him a window to the vast library of magic in the English language.

In 1965, Arun secured a job with the Calcutta Electric Supply Company Ltd. The financial freedom that came with it gave him the opportunity to acquire bigger props, stage larger shows, and assemble what he calls "a working library of magic literature". He soon performed everything, from pocket tricks for colleagues, through school, party and club shows, to large platform and stage shows. He is a frequent contributor to journals such as New Tops, Abracadabra, Magigram, New Pentagram, Club 71, Swami, etc. He has had a Serial and a Triad Cavalcade in the weekly Abra.

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Arun Bonerjee
Show us a Trick! by Arun Bonerjee

Excerpt from the Introduction:

Here is a bunch of my creations in the field of intimate type close-up magic, that I have been using for long in my close-up work. In fact, many of the tricks in this book have been published earlier in Abra, and Magigram. However due to repeat performances, these have been further polished, and the articles are rewritten for this book, including these improvements.

  • Introduction
  • Have Faith In Me
  • Magical Strike
  • Thru The Barriers
  • Magical Gambling
  • Flight-O-Disc
  • Vibrations
  • ESP Stacking
  • On Time
  • Floating Match Box
  • What’s In a Name
  • In the Cards
  • Introducing...
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