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Audacious 3: Bi-Fold Mentalism
by Abhinav Bothra


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Audacious 3: Bi-Fold Mentalism by Abhinav Bothra

Four excuses to hand out business cards as well as reasons to carry a bi-fold wallet.

Aware: A participant draws/writes a free thought on a card and without ever coming in direct contact (that's what the audience thinks) you know exactly what has been drawn/written.

B4C: Confabulation made compact.

ConFab: Squeezed B4C, so that it becomes easy.

Drawing D: An impromptu Drawing Duplication.


Q: What is Bi-fold Mentalism?
A: It's a term I came up with for mentalism that can be performed with a Bi-fold Wallet.

Q: What is a Bi-fold Wallet?
A: Google 'Bi-fold wallet' and check out the images section.

Q: Do these allow handing out business cards?
A: Yes, all of them are perfect excuses of handing out business cards and none of them require gimmicks.

Q: Close-up or Parlor or Stage?
A: I prefer using these in close-up situations and would suggest to keep it that way.

Q: I am a female, can I use these?
A: Although these are designed to be used for a Men's Bi-fold wallet, but B4C and ConFab can be tweaked a little for a Women's clutches.

Q: How hard are the tricks explained in here?
A: In my opinion none of the tricks in here are for beginners. In technical terms: Aware and B4C - Intermediate, ConFab - Easy; Drawing D - Advanced.

1st edition 2016, 50 pages + video