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by Zanetti

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A nice little impromptu piece of mind reading you can do when the opportunity arises. Divine the thoughts of your participants without anything written down. The only thing that is required is a shelf of DVDs / Blu Rays / PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch games, books, CDs, or a mixture of them all and you are ready to go.


The participant picks up any DVD / Blu Ray / PlayStation Game / XBox Game or Switch Game from a shelf. For this example, they select a DVD. Because this might not have been a free choice and the participant could have somehow been manipulated to select that DVD, they are instructed to look at the barcode and to remember the first digit of the barcode which will be any digit from 0 - 9. Once done they return the DVD to its original position. The mentalist then points to ten random DVDs and requests for the participant to remember the DVD that falls on their number. For example: If they are thinking of the number 3 they are to remember the third DVD the mentalist points to. If they are thinking of the number 7 they are to remember the seventh DVD the mentalist points to. Once the participant has a new DVD in mind, the mentalist is instantly able to reveal that DVD in whatever manner they choose.

1st edition 2021, PDF 4 pages.
word count: 973 which is equivalent to 3 standard pages of text

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