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by Ken Muller


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BaseMental by Ken Muller

A collection of nine mental type effects and methods learned fifty years ago from people - not books. No confederates or gimmicks are used in any of these mental demonstrations. Simple - Profound - Effective. I have never seen these in print in any form. All were learned from older mentors during my teen years and never forgotten.

THREE for ALL: Three spectators freely select cards from a borrowed deck and place them in their pockets. You reveal all three by the "Whisper of a Lady."

ENVELOPED: Several spectators seal written items in envelopes. A second spectator holds these against his forehead and you describe the contents.

STRICTLY BUSINESS: A spectator shuffles a stack of business cards with messages on the back. She looks at them one by one and you reveal the message from across the room.

BEST EVER: Three/four times you write a prediction on a slip of paper and drop it in a basket. Then, a spectator thinks of a card and finds it in a deck or draws one at random and hides it. The deck is again shuffled by a spectator and you select a card at random. Someone opens and writes the predictions on a board beneath each person's name. All are revealed at once. Up to 100% accurate.

SPELL BOUND: The 13 Heart cards are removed from a deck and shuffled by a spectator. He/she now spells out the name of each card by placing cards on the bottom of the pile and turning the next card. Of course he is correct each time.

SIX by SIX: Six spectators select number cards (ignore face cards) from a shuffled deck. These are arranged as a six-digit number by a spectator. A seventh "number" is chosen and multiplied by the "card number." The six cards can be rearranged to display the answer (product).

IN TOUCH: Using children's Animal Rummy Cards, Tarot Deck, etc., eight cards are randomly selected by a spectator and shuffled. You stand or sit with your back touching that of the spectator while each card is displayed to the audience in turn. With the help of the combined energy and contact you reasonably describe each card.

A ONE and TWO: A different presentation and surprise ending for that old "21" trick everybody knows. Teach your kid. Cross up your magician friends.

FOUR SIGHT: Four times you write the name of an object on a piece of paper and hand to a spectator to hold. Based on their "feel" they call out the name of an object and drop the folded slip in a cup. You never touch the cup and have someone else read the names of the objects. Naturally, the spectators are all correct.

1st edition 2009; PDF 12 pages.
word count: 3478 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text