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Barry's Stacked Deck
by Barry Ray


(3 customer ratings) ★★★

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Barry's Stacked Deck by Barry Ray

This is a stack that retains the simplicity of a Si Stebbins or Eight Kings stack, but randomizes colours and suits.

Why Another Stacked Deck?

The two most popular stacked decks are Si Stebbins and Eight Kings. Why should this be so? Because both systems are easy to do, under fire, under pressure and any other interruptions you find when performing. There are other systems out there but they are more complex and more demanding, unless you are using them all the time.

But the Si Stebbins and the Eight Kings have one glaring fault (if fault you could call it) and that is the alternating colours and the rotating of the suits. So, was there a better way to disguise this? And at the same time, keep the simplicity of the system intact? After some playing around with the suits, Barry came up with a system for Si Stebbins and the Eight Kings that keeps the simplicity intact, but at the same time, mixed the suits around. But first he had to alter the stack from CHaSeD to SHoCkeD. (Or as he prefers to call it: the one…two…three…four). This simple change made it easier to move around the suits.

Now, whether it's a natural progression or guilt over what you have done, Barry decided to alter the incrementing of the card values to something else, to give a more random appearance. Barry had heard of the values of the cards being added to the value of the suits. As he already had SHoCkeD in place, with the suits allocated a number, he tried it out. He could not believe when he got to the 52nd card, that it led back to the 1st card in the system. And so, Barry’s Stack was born.

1st edition 2009; 18 pages

  1. Contents
  2. Why Another Stacked Deck?
  3. Si Stebbins
  4. Eight Kings
  5. Barry's Stack
  6. Peeks
  7. Shuffles and Cuts
  8. The Effects
  9. Barry's Quick Stack
  10. Clocking the Deck
  11. Conclusion

word count: 3518 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text