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Barry has been a magician for over thirty years, and as a professional, working dinner functions, car promotions and weddings since the early 1990's. His passion and forte is close-up, strolling magic and doing readings using dice, as he likes the personal contact with the clientele.

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Deceptive Diary by Barry RayBarry could say this has taken 25 years in the making. And it would be true! In the latter part of the 1980’s, Barry created Deceptive Diary, and in 1990, he marketed this effect. It was the first diary trick to use only one diary…having a selection of over 40 cards! Before that, the diary trick either used two or four (sometimes six) diaries, forcing anything from two up to eight cards. But the major dilemma with Deceptive Diary was that it required mental gymnastics to work out the value of the card for any given date.

To offset this Barry created Easy Diary. But every now and again, he would...

2010 / 5 / 10
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Easy Diary by Barry RayAs the title suggests, a simple diary trick. A spectator names any date in the year and you hand them a diary. As they look up their date in your diary you produce the very card that is written alongside their chosen date! And at the basic level, you don't even have to know what the card is! It can be a different card every time.

The ebook contains several presentations, reveals, how to set this up on your iPod, mobile phone or paper diary and a chart showing the position of all the cards for 366 days.

1st edition 2010; 13 pages.

2010 / 1 / 8
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Barry's Ring 'n' Rope Routine by Barry RayThis is Barry Ray's working routine. It is a three phase routine, with three addional moves, and it can be perform surrounded.

1st edition 2009; 27 pages; 42 photos.

2009 / 10 / 5
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Dice Reading by Barry RayWhy dice?

Barry wanted a reading system that could be performed in the hands, sitting down or just walking around, that didn't require a table or a spread. That could be done inside or outside, regardless of the weather conditions. Something that didn't get soiled, torn, blown away or that water would ruin. So cards were out. Runes and stones fit the bill, but to get different coloured ones and of the same size isn't easy. Barry needed a uniform size and nothing too esoteric. Dice fit this description and are easily available.

Long before tarot and runes, soothsayers used to cast bones,...

2009 / 8 / 19
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Barry's Stacked Deck by Barry RayThis is a stack that retains the simplicity of a Si Stebbins or Eight Kings stack, but randomizes colours and suits.

Why Another Stacked Deck?

The two most popular stacked decks are Si Stebbins and Eight Kings. Why should this be so? Because both systems are easy to do, under fire, under pressure and any other interruptions you find when performing. There are other systems out there but they are more complex and more demanding, unless you are using them all the time.

But the Si Stebbins and the Eight Kings have one glaring fault (if fault you could call it) and that is the alternating...

2009 / 8 / 19
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