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Basic Training
by Ian Kendall


(1 review, 1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Basic Training by Ian Kendall

Between 2009 and 2011 a very special column appeared in M-U-M, the in-house magazine for the Society of American Magicians. Conceived to be an introduction to sleight of hand aimed at beginners, the thirty-six lessons ended up being one of the most detailed courses in conjuring to date. The topics covered included all aspects of magic; cards and coins, balls, ropes and cups, stand up and close up, interspersed with real-world performance hints and tips from someone who has spent time in the trenches.

This e-book version contains all thirty six Basic Training columns, plus two extra lessons on the Classic Pass and the Top Change.

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  • Some words from the Original Editor
  • It all began with an email
  • On teaching
  • The Lessons
  • The Ghost Count
  • The Double Lift
    • Open position and the cage defined
  • The French Drop
  • Presentation
  • Card Controls
    • Multiple cut to table (Ron Bauer)
    • Spanish Control
    • A Simple Pass
  • Let's do the Twist
    • Jordan Count
    • Through the fist flourish
    • Twisting Daley's Aces
  • The False Transfer
    • A Simple Vanish
    • Hang Point
    • A False Transfer
  • Forces
    • Cross Cut Force
    • The Backslip Force
  • The Hamman Count
    • Hamman from a dealing grip
  • Be Prepared
    • The Line
  • Ambidextrous Magic
    • Heel Clip Simple Steal
  • False Shuffles
    • Overhand Chop Shuffle
    • Riffle Shuffle Control
    • Up The Ladder Cut
  • Thumb Tip Tips
    • Silk From Bill
  • Hindu Shuffle
    • As a Control
    • As a Force
    • As a Convincer
    • The Last Turn
  • The Chop Cup
    • Paul Wilson's Lean Chop
    • Ian's First Phase
  • Shells
    • Into the Fourth Dimension (Jay Sankey)
  • On Venue
  • The Birth of a Show
  • Ambitious Card
    • The Easiest Second Deal in the World
    • Gary Kurtz's Convincer
    • Wesley James' Load Up Move
  • Multiple Selections
  • Classic Palming a Coin
  • The Three Ball Trick
  • The Unequal Ropes
  • The One Way Deck
  • Spellbound
  • Changes
    • The Too Perfect Theory
    • Card to Envelope
    • The Book Change
  • Stacked Decks
    • Eight Kings
    • Si Stebbins
    • Three Way Mind Reading
  • Knots
    • Cut and Restored Get Ready
    • The Knot Routine
  • Juggling
  • The Classic Force
  • Sleeving
  • Cards to Pocket
    • Gordon Bruce's Load
    • Francis Carlyle's Homing Card
    • Ad Lib Jacket Load
  • The Muscle Pass
  • One Coin Routines
    • Ian's One Coin Routine
  • Adaptability
    • Instant Card Reversed, Tabled
    • Instant Card Reversed, Standing
  • Final Thunks
  • The Classic Pass
    • The Trapdoor
    • The Hinge
    • The Classic Pass
    • Blocking the Pass
  • The Top Change
    • The Standard Top Change
    • The Overhand Top Change
    • The Snap Top Change
    • Blocking the Top Change

1st edition 2016, 250 pages.
word count: 152900 which is equivalent to 611 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Robert Gethner (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 29 August, 2021

I love the way Kendall breaks down sleights so that you can learn them easily. His book isn't unique in that respect, but certainly unusual. He might, for instance, have you start with fewer cards than are required, then master a tiny piece of the move, and so on, until eventually, when he teaches you how to put the pieces together, the move isn't so hard to learn. He's in good company -- Michael Close, Aaron Fisher, and Carl Irwin do similar things in their teaching.

Kendall is opinionated but in a good way. He explains different ways to do a part of a trick or sleight and explains why he prefers one such way.

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