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Behind the Mirror
by Ray Noble


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Behind the Mirror by Ray Noble

Have you even wanted to do something that is both fun and scary? This routine can be performed at parties and friends' homes. This is a small séance that plays big and can really be played anytime of the year that you want. It uses a common magic prop that most of us have lying in a drawer and B.O.S (balls of steel).

Mirrors have always held a fascination with people and have always been connected to stories of being a portal to other worlds.

Have you ever wondered as you prepare for bed at night how things may not be as they seem? At night we comb our hair and brush our teeth as we prepare to climb into the safety of our beds. Once the tooth brush is laid down and we turn toward the bed, from the corner of our eye we notice our reflection turn, or did it?

As we lie in our bed at night have you ever wondered if our reflection is still standing there in the mirror? Standing there ....watching......watching you.

A box is opened and a small mirror is removed wrapped in a cloth along with an old weather beaten letter. A candle burns as you tell the story of mirrors and how it is believed that beings, and things are on the other side of the glass. Beings that have names such as Rorrim, Silverlings, and Flects. These beings are just waiting to cross into this dimension to trade places with one of us.

The letter is opened and a poem is read out loud. After the reading of the poem, a coming of a being is not only heard but seen trying to enter our world. Strange odd sounds are heard as you try to maintain control. Then the unthinkable happens as you are over taken and slump down into the chair......will you achieve victory or be taken over by one from the other side?

If you are looking for a simple and fun routine then look no further. There is even an alternate ending that is sure to make everyone sitting at the table jump in fright. Ray has had people fall backwards in their chairs at the end of this alternating ending. This is entertainment at its finest. Here is your chance to add a small séance that is not only easy to do but a blast to perform.

1st edition 2015, 8 pages.
word count: 2619 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text