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Ben Highway

Ben Highway

Ben is a student of Kenton Knepper's and together they have collaborated on items such as Truly Subliminal and PSYColor Change Deck which were very well received, as well as contributing an effect to the book Ultimately Under. Ben is also honored to be a part of Kenton's S.E.C.R.E.T. School.

Articles and effects of Ben's have appeared in Secrets (The Magazine of the Young Magicians Club), MagicSeen and at OnlineVisions.

Academically Ben is a student of Psychology, Philosophy and English, and draws upon his knowledge of these fields to help craft and shape his creations and performances.

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Ben Highway

Dagwood by Ben HighwayThree unusual but effective takes on the sandwich plot (Aldo Colombini is featuring the first effect on an upcoming DVD of his).

Order a Dagwood in any Cafe and you'll be presented with a multi-layered sandwich brimming with all kinds of unusual and intriguing fillings - and so it is with this new, ebook - well, in a sense!

Dagwood showcases three card effects, all of which take the basic sandwich premise (a card, lost in the deck, magically appears between two previously set-aside cards) and twists it into ever-more unusual and baffling shapes...

Transmit Disrupt is perhaps the effect which bears...

2009 / 1 / 5

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Ben Highway

Classrooms & Scenic Routes by Ben HighwayIn this full-color illustrated ebook Ben has collected together seven of his favorite, original card effects - the material which he can rely on to astound any audience. These are fresh and at times visual takes on classic plots where clever thinking meets sleight of hand meets good structuring to create powerful, close-up card magic...
  • Monty's First Dual: As an addendum to your favourite Monte routine and using just three, regular cards you apparently cause - in the fairest possible manner and with no moves whatsoever - the designated 'Money' card to exchange places with one of the two indifferent...
2008 / 9 / 7

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