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by Ben Highway

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Dagwood by Ben Highway

Three unusual but effective takes on the sandwich plot (Aldo Colombini is featuring the first effect on an upcoming DVD of his).

Order a Dagwood in any Cafe and you'll be presented with a multi-layered sandwich brimming with all kinds of unusual and intriguing fillings - and so it is with this new, ebook - well, in a sense!

Dagwood showcases three card effects, all of which take the basic sandwich premise (a card, lost in the deck, magically appears between two previously set-aside cards) and twists it into ever-more unusual and baffling shapes...

Transmit Disrupt is perhaps the effect which bears the strongest resemblance to the classic. Here two cards are selected and, having been lost in the deck - fail to turn face-up as the performer was hoping. Instead the two Jokers make an appearance. Never mind! Stumbling on the performer gives the deck a little shake and one face-down card appears between them. Lo and behold, the first selection! This card is set aside and the performer says that he will attempt to cause the second card to appear between the Jokers, before remembering that this was never the intended effect and that the Jokers themselves are quite unnecessary - and with those words the two Jokers become the second selection.

With Sudden Sandwich things become a little more unusual. It makes for an intriguing follow-up to the standard handling: the two ‘sandwich cards’ are shown and pushed into the deck, which is cut a few times. A card is selected and signed across its face. In an instant and very visually two face-down cards wrap themselves around the face-up selection: the two sandwich cards have found their target, and sooner than anybody expected!

Finally, Inverse really mixes things up. The performer begins by placing aside two sandwich cards sight-unseen and has one of the remaining ones selected. This card is placed in the middle of the deck which is set aside as the performer turns his attention to the two sandwich cards he previously placed aside. He displays them - the two red Kings - and comments that the selection will appear between them. Ostensibly what makes this so difficult is that the selection is in the middle of the deck. In actuality, what makes this so difficult is that, bizarrely, the selection was one of the red Kings! The two Kings become two Jokers with one face-down card between them - the selected King - as the universe rights itself and restores some kind of order.

1st edition 2009; 14 pages.
word count: 4548 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text

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