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Benjamin W. Tallman

Benjamin W. Tallman

Benjamin W. Tallman was the founder of Advertising Unlimited, a firm he had billing more than $500,000/year inside of 2 years. He eventually sold this firm to Ogilvy Mather. Working under the stage name of Larry Valentine, he developed a booking system which is the basis of Making Magic Pay. While the metaphor is magi, the system can be used to self-book any type of entertainment or service.

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Benjamin W. Tallman
Making Magic Pay by Benjamin W. Tallman

While this has been written in the 60s, the basics of how to promote, advertise, and build your performing business hasn't changed that much. Of course, you will do the things recommended with modern tools, but the principles and ideas to achieve success haven't changed.

As an advertising man, Mr. Tallman has a lot of ideas on how to promote and get the most out of advertising. He is a very busy magician and this is entirely due to the methods in his book. Let him prove to you how he gets an average of 85 shows a year, and how you can do it, too.

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