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Bert Allerton

Bert Allerton

(Lynn Center, Illinois: 1st January 1889 - 22nd February 1958)

Stage name of Albert Allen "Bert" Gustafson, of Swedish extraction. Interested for years; but inspired by 1934 SAM Convention to become semi-pro, learning that year from the Tarbell Course and became semi-pro in Chicago. Oil sales executive until 1939 when resigned to turn full-time pro close-up magician.

As pro worked The House of Murphy in Los Angeles 1939-40, the Persian Room (Sir Francis Drake Hotel) in San Francisco 1940-41, and the Pump Room (Ambassador East Hotel) in Chicago 1941-55, plus the Cotillion Room (Hotel Pierre) in New York City 1941 and 1945. SAM President 1946-47.

See Robert Parrish, Bert Allerton's The Close-Up Magician (1958, 73pp; repr 1964 and 1977) and Reinhard Müller, Allerton-Horowitz-Daley (1994/1996, 18pp).

Coauthors: Tony Corinda, Ulysses Frederick Grant, Arthur Hastings, Edward Marlo, Joseph White

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Bert Allerton & Tony Corinda & Ulysses Frederick Grant & Arthur Hastings & Edward Marlo & Joseph White
ESP Handbook and Workshop Kit by Bert Allerton & Tony Corinda & Ulysses Frederick Grant & Arthur Hastings & Edward Marlo & Joseph White

This ebook includes a nice introduction to Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and a range of tricks from quick effects to longer routines. Note that many of the effects described require some double-face ESP cards.

  • The Study Of ESP / Arthur Hastings
  • Little Miracles / U. F. Grant
  • The Two Card Trick / Bert Allerton
  • The Third Choice / Tony Corinda
  • That's The One / Joseph White
  • Signed, Sealed And Delivered / Joseph White
  • Edward Marlo And ESP
    • Foreword
    • Blank Card Prediction
    • Mental Reselection
    • Under Cover Mentalism
    • Behind, Under Or Above
    • Second Method
    • Card Man's Mentalism
  • One Out...
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Bert Allerton
The Close-Up Magician by Bert Allerton

At the height of his success, Bert was the most celebrated close up performer and highest paid cafe entertainer. These are the tricks he made famous. Edited by Bob Parrish, illustrated by Howard Bamman.

Contents include his Seven Secret Tricks, Eight Favorite Card Tricks, plus his specialty-cutting to any card, Eight Novelty Tricks like his scissors, Little Hindu, The Flutist, and others, The Allerton Classics, The Jumping Flower, The Bird Cage, etc. Plus rules for a close up magician, and a bibliography. The seventy pages are wound throughout with a vast assortment of Allerton memorabilia. Here is...

★★★★ $9.95
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)