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Robert Parrish

(26th December 1918 - 4th March 1994)

Born in St. Louis, Missouri. Grew up in Mason City, Iowa. Inspired at age 12 seeing Gerald Heaney at school and learned from library books. Public relations and writer. Semi-pro mentalist since 1934. Moved to Chicago in 1937. Won the IBM's Coke Cecil Trophy in 1940 at his first magic convention. US Army 1942-46. Editor Magicol 1988-death.

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Inside Magic by George L. Boston & Robert ParrishIn this ebook, George Boston, old time magician, takes his readers behind the scenes of the magic shows. Associate and confidant of the great men of magic, he recalls the greatest "tricks" in his memory and in many cases tells "how it was done." The great names of magic - Thurston, Blackstone, Houdini, Kellar, Carter and Nicola - appear in these pages. The book is liberally illustrated with many photographs, and is written in the highly readable style that has made Robert Parrish's For Magicians Only and New Ways to Mystify such popular favorites.
  • About the Authors
  • Introduction
  • 1 How I Became a Magician
  • 2 The Illusion Show
  • 3 Thurston's Mysteries of India ...
2019 / 4 / 29
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An Evening With Charlie Miller by Robert ParrishThis is a wonderful collection of some of Charlie Miller's signature pieces with photos showing Charlie Miller performing the moves and routines.

From the introduction by Theo Bamberg (Okito):

I consider Charlie's technique not only original, subtle and entertaining, but above all, highly commercial. In this respect, he is in the tradition of the Old Masters, whose skill could be appreciated by the connoisseur, but who used that skill to keep their audiences highly entertained.

1st edition 1961, 1st digital edition 2014, 59 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. About Charlie Miller
  3. Mugs And Hats
  4. The Jest Of The Joker
  5. The Torn...
2014 / 1 / 1
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Bob Parrish Lecture #2 by Robert ParrishSidelights on some classics
  • The Coin Jar
  • Nest of Boxes
  • No Lock "Locked" Key
  • "Brainwave" Presentation
Mainly Miracles
  • The Great Slate Test
  • The LePaul Hoax
  • Method for a Marlo Miracle #183
  • X-Ray Box
7 pages
2009 / 4 / 1
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New Ways To Mystify by Robert ParrishNew Ways To Mystify carries on its prestidigitation in the vein of For Magicians Only. Again Mr. Parrish has presented thirty "tricks" that can be performed without elaborate equipment, and with no more skill than the average person can muster. It's all in practice and in knowing how to distract the audience, Mr. Parrish says, and he demonstrates in such a simple manner that anyone, young or old, can master these feats of magic.

The general plan of the ebook follows that of the earlier volume, and Mr. Parrish again writes in his witty, urbane fashion. Dozens of simple diagrams, as well as clever chapter head...

2008 / 9 / 1
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For Magicians Only by Robert ParrishThis was a very successful book on magic when it originally appeared in 1944. Even the sophisticated New Yorker put at the top of its list of recommended books for servicemen.
A complete repertory of tricks that can be performed without elaborate equipment.

The only book on magic that tells exactly how to keep the audience from seeing the mechanics of performance.

Here's the book for every one who ever dreamed of pulling rabbits out of a hat or sawing a woman in two (and putting her back together again). The author, who has had a long experience in platform magic and two previous books...
2008 / 8 / 31
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Six Tricks by Tenkai by Robert ParrishTenkai was a legendary magician from Japan. As his gift for achieving the 'living legend' status in Japan he asked to meet Dai Vernon - which he did, but that is a story for another time.

In this manuscript Robert Parrish describes several wonderful effects created by Tenkai. All illustrations are drawn by Tenkai himself.

20 pages.

  1. Tenkai Dye Tube Technique
  2. Knots Supreme - Tenkai Silk and Tapes
  3. Tenkai Three Dice Trick
  4. Tenkai Two Penny Trick
  5. Two Coin Moves
  6. Tenkai Card Flight
2008 / 8 / 27
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Parrish Folio: The Pallbearers Review 1974 by Robert Parrish
  1. Robert Parrish
  2. Prologue by Oscar Weigle
  3. Mental Opener
  4. Mysterious Casket
  5. Great Slate Test
  6. Floating Table
  7. Stole Steal
  8. Bull's Eye II
  9. Picture ESP
  10. Cups & Coins
  11. Torn Paper Enigma
  12. Epilogue by John Goodrum

1st edition 1974; original 14 pages; PDF 28 pages.

2008 / 8 / 24
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You'd Be Surprised by Robert Parrish & John GoodrumA mix of cards, mentalism, and quite unusual manipulation with glasses and thimbles.

1st edition 1963; 65 pages.


  1. The Heal Coincidence Trick
  2. Telephone Telepathy
  3. Telephone Telepathy Again
  4. Alias Divination
  5. Magazine Miracle
  6. Strange Interlude
  7. A Slate Writing Method
  8. Slate Psychics
  9. The Ultimate One Man Sealed Message Heading System
  10. Predetermination
  11. And a Routine
  12. An Improved Four Ace Routine
  13. Selective Card in Pocket
  14. Si Stebbins Up the Sleeve
  15. The Perfect Card Routine


  16. Glass of Liquid from Card Fan
  17. Some Glassy Ideas ...
2008 / 8 / 15
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Do That Again! by Robert Parrish & Oscar WeigleIncludes four sections, one on mental magic, card magic, silk magic and rope and lace magic respectively. All effects are easy to perform and do not require any exotic requisites.

  1. Wrong Number
  2. A Prediction to End Predictions
  3. The Payoff Prediction
  4. . . . Things to Come
  5. The "Direct" Divination
  6. The Phantom President
  7. Picture Projection
  8. Transposed Minds
  9. Comedy Color-Changing Slate
  10. Two Routines


  11. Thought on the Line
  12. "Picture This"
  13. Name Your Favorite
  14. Remote Re verso
  15. Synchronism
  16. Dual Impulsion
  17. Duo Prediction
  18. The Triple Enigma
  19. Nu-Locato
  20. Simplex Card Stabbing ...
2007 / 5 / 13
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