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Bert Pratt

Bert Pratt

(Britain: c. 1900 - 1985)

Herbert E. Pratt aka Bert Pratt aka Ptinos. Heating engineer. Amateur and magic collector with over 3,000 books. In the 1950s helped edit The Midget Magician, under joint pen name (with Wilfred Huggins) of "Albert F. Wind". Librarian of the Magic Circle's Reference Library until 1960 when succeeded by Henry Davies.

Under pen name of "Ptinos" wrote articles for Collectors Annual and the "Browsing Around" column (1951-60) on collecting for The Midget Magician, which was reprinted under his own name as Browsing Around in Magic (1972, 52pp).

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Bert Pratt
Browsing Around in Magic by Bert Pratt

Bert Pratt was a bookworm, somebody who worked his way through libraries and book stores to find the odd appearance of magic in non-magic books. He wrote a series of articles which were published in the Midget Magician, a journal that saw a print run of only 50. It is therefore safe to assume you have never read these articles.

It includes excerpts from books and magazines now practically unobtainable. Bert Pratt, writing as Ptinos, delved deeply into the old book marts of London, into libraries, into magazine files, to find magic and magical references. The resulting reading is charming,...

★★★★ $5.95
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