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Wilfred Huggins

Wilfred Huggins

(Suffolk, England: ~1893 - 3rd November 1977)

Taught by "Bezique". Pro street magician since 1907. Founded the Hocus Pocus Society. Published-edited The Midget Magician 1951-60. Used joint pen name (with Herbert Pratt) of "Albert F. Wind" (partial anagram of "Bert" + "Wil"). Wrote The C-N-H Card System (1937) and Secrets of the Street Conjurers (1939, 19pp). Trick in Hugard's Magic Monthly (1949).

Coauthors: Frederic Culpitt

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Wilfred Huggins & Frederic Culpitt
Secrets of the Street Conjurer by Wilfred Huggins & Frederic Culpitt

A collection of conjuring secrets for magicians who entertain when surrounded by spectators.

Excerpt from the preface:

The compilation of "A Street Conjurer's Secrets" is the outcome of many years of observation in this country, Australia, America, France and Germany. That the effects are well-known is not to be denied, but it is extremely doubtful if many conjurers are aware of the actual method used by the street entertainer.

  • Preface
  • Publisher's Note
  • Preparation For The Hands
  • A Table Tip
  • The Guinea-Pig
  • Card Change
  • Flap Disposal-Single Slate
  • Cap And Pence
    • I. The Load ...
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