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Bertie Mac

Bertie Mac

Bertie Mac is a magic inventor from Queensland, Australia. Bertie likes to incorporate concepts from fields outside of magic in his creations, drawing on his degrees in film and television production and physics. He has been obsessed with magic for 30 years, especially card magic. Some of his favourite magicians include Juan Tamariz, John Bannon, Simon Aronson, Woody Aragon, Dani DaOrtiz, Penn and Teller, and Barry and Stuart.

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Bertie Mac
Frac Stack by Bertie Mac

Frac Stack is a groundbreaking tetradistic stack, with fractal and mirror properties that make it easy to learn and hard to forget. Imagine amazing your audience with a regular deck of cards that appears well-mixed, while they never suspect the unbelievable truth. You know the sequence of the cards forwards and backwards. You know the position of every card from the top of the deck, and even the position of every card from the face. You can quickly determine the sum of the values of any group of cards. On top of all this, imagine being able to secretly rearrange the cards mid-performance so...

★★★★ $28
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