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Frac Stack
by Bertie Mac


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Frac Stack by Bertie Mac

Frac Stack is a groundbreaking tetradistic stack, with fractal and mirror properties that make it easy to learn and hard to forget. Imagine amazing your audience with a regular deck of cards that appears well-mixed, while they never suspect the unbelievable truth. You know the sequence of the cards forwards and backwards. You know the position of every card from the top of the deck, and even the position of every card from the face. You can quickly determine the sum of the values of any group of cards. On top of all this, imagine being able to secretly rearrange the cards mid-performance so that they now alternate red and black, with suits in cyclical order.

After years of painstaking development, Bertie Mac finally reveals Frac Stack to the magic world.

  • Frac Stack appears random with mixed suits and colours
  • A hidden, logical, self-similar fractal pattern makes Frac Stack easy to learn
  • From the top and the face of the deck: know the card at any position and know the position of any card
  • Intriguing mirror properties for every card
  • Deal incredible Poker, Blackjack and Bridge hands (four grand slams?!)
  • Quickly determine the sum of values for any group in the sequence
  • Secretly transform Frac Stack into a red-black alternating sequence, with suits in rotational order
  • Includes ideas and 7 effects (mostly sleight-free)

Bonus! Bertie teaches his special system of mnemonics for the Si Stebbins stack: The Anchor System. No more confusing calculations. This innovative approach enables fast card-to-position and position-to-card determinations.

1st edition 2023, PDF 37 pages.
word count: 13959 which is equivalent to 55 standard pages of text