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Best Dam Tricks: 25 Rubber Penetration Tricks
by Magic Ian

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Best Dam Tricks: 25 Rubber Penetration Tricks by Magic Ian

Lubor Fiedler's famous dental dam illusion principle is applied to a variety of tricks and routines, not just the penetration of a coin through a rubber sheet. The only sad part here is that the name Lubor Fiedler cannot be found anywhere in this publication. No credit was given.

Excerpt from the introduction by Walter Gibson:

When the rubber penetration came into popularity several years ago, it represented something really new in magic. Here was a trick that was actually accomplished before it began, leaving onlookers baffled by a visible penetration of a coin through a sheet of solid rubber, with no clue whatever as to its accomplishment. So effective was this mystery that magicians themselves began wondering when further effects of this nature would be developed, if ever.

They have been developed, and the time is now. The very principle of the rubber penetration made it adaptable to new uses, provided someone gave them proper thought. By introducing new devices and applying existing gimmicks in special ways, a series of remarkable surprises came into being, practically all the work of one inventive mind.

  • The Rubber Square
  • The Penetration
  • Double Penetration
  • Nickel to Dime Through Rubber Square
  • Sandwich Vanish
  • Spiked Square
  • Stretch the Square over Dice
  • Now You See It
  • Force a Card
  • Clip-it Restoration
  • Cut and Restored Rubber Square
  • Water Torture Cell
  • Invisible Deck
  • Coin Through Rubber Glove
  • Coin Through Un-inflated Balloon
  • Coin Through Inflated Balloon
  • Silk in Balloon
  • Acrobatic Card
  • Soft Spring
  • Pencil Thru Card
  • Slide Card Monte
  • Disc to Dime
  • There is a Hole

1st edition 1980, 28 pages; PDF 19 pages.
word count: 5485 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text

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