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Between the Acts
by Jimmy Ray


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Between the Acts by Jimmy Ray

Jimmy Ray, a top-flight pro, reveals nearly two dozen of his favorite effects and routines for close-up and TV workers.

This ebook is often referred to in other books for professional magicians, but has long been unavailable. Now revised and updated, this great work is now available in a convenient digital format. Inside, you'll find beautifully routined magic with coins, cards, dice, and even doves - all clearly explained, along with 25 photographs.

These is commercial magic at its best, suitable for performance on TV, in bars, casinos, night clubs, and corporate events.


  • Cards Through Table
  • There's Something Missing
  • Cutting the Aces
  • Cups and Balls Idea
  • J. R. False Cuts
  • Four Ace Routine
  • Silver and Copper Double-Cross
  • Celebration Supreme
  • Dove Appears
  • J. R. Middle Deal
  • Dice Vanish
  • Chinatown Half and Coin Box Routine
  • Another Twist on the Chinatown Half
  • Thoughts Transposed
  • Goldfish in Glass Idea
  • Paul Copp's Coin Through Handkerchief
  • Coins Through the Table
  • New Twist on the Dime Through Table
  • Snap It
  • Comedy Card Rise
  • Card in Pack of Cigarettes
  • J. R. Method for Lapping a Card
  • Okito Box Routine
"These ideas are tested, workable and usable. Not aimed at the uninformed, this is a friendly magician letting you in on some of his secrets. Well worth reading." - Lloyd E. Jones' (Genii magazine review)

1st edition ~1961, PDF 48 pages
word count: 13529 which is equivalent to 54 standard pages of text