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Jardine Ellis Ring on Stick and Ring on Rope Routines

Leo (Mohammed Bey) Horowitz
Jardine Ellis Ring on Stick and Ring on Rope Routines by Leo (Mohammed Bey) Horowitz

Truly the most perfect, most baffling routines ever created for the famous, mechanical piece of magic known as the Jardine Ellis Ring. Only once in a lifetime does such perfect routining turn up. Leo Horowitz (Mohammed Bey) spent 30 years in perfecting these presentations. Breathtaking, smooth routines that leave an audience completely bewildered and entertained. Every move is perfectly described.

Jardine Ellis ring not supplied. You likely already have a Jardine Ellis ring in your magic tricks stash.

Now you can put this fine effect to work for you and entertain as never before possible. ...

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Enchanted Ball Manipulation

James Swoger
Enchanted Ball Manipulation by James Swoger

All sleights - no gimmicks. A brilliant book of magic with billiard balls.

There's something to be said for manipulative magic, for there is nothing to hide once the routine is finished. The various moves, effects and routines can be interspersed with the regular multiplying billiard balls effect to create a blended act that leaves your audience breathless. And what performer worth his or her salt doesn't strive for that?

Partial contents:

  • Hat and Ball Routine
  • Stealing a Billiard Ball from the Pocket
  • Billiard Ball Vanish and Recovery
  • Vanishing a Ball into the Coat Pocket
  • Ball Vanish...
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How to Routine a Magic Show

William W. Larsen
How to Routine a Magic Show by William W. Larsen

An informative handbook that tells the secret of how to properly routine a magic act or show. Especially valuable to semi-pro and amateur performers, it tells how to put your tricks to work and will help put your magic hobby on a self-supporting basis.

You may be capable of performing a hundred tricks, but if you lack the knowledge of how to put together an entertaining routine, you won't get the big fees. This manuscript tells you how. Best of all, it tells you how to do it with those tricks you already own and which you can perform.

This ebook not only gives the simple fundamental...

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Remembering the Future

Stewart James
Remembering the Future by Stewart James

An award-winning, impromptu, self-working card miracle.

EFFECT: A borrowed deck of cards may be used. A member of the audience predicts something that two other spectators will do before they know what they will do.

Anyone in the audience calls "stop" at any time as you deal off the cards, one by one. This card is not shown but held by anyone, back to the audience, so there can be no switch. Two other persons each take a portion of the remainder of the deck, a free choice. These cards are counted. When the stopped at card is turned around, it is found that it had predicted the totals...

★★★★★ $7
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Modern Master Magic

Rudy Roxo
Modern Master Magic by Rudy Roxo

When several of the foremost authors in modern magic collaborate with the owner of one of the most respected magic companies, you just know the result will be a great book. Originally released in a limited edition by the owner of Thayer Magic Studios, the first and only previous edition of this clever collection sold out and has never been reprinted … until now.

Features top-quality effects from Dr. Boris Zola, J. Elder Blackledge, T. Nelson Downs, Edward Bagshawe, M. F. Zens, Harlan Tarbell, Herman L. Weber, T. J. Crawford, and others.

Originally published in a limited edition, priced at more than $33.00 in today's money. Not just jaw-dropping...

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Fifteen Star Card Effects

Lu Brent
Fifteen Star Card Effects by Lu Brent

Fifteen excellent pasteboard effects, all easy to perform, as they require little or no skill.

The contents include "Unbelievable Coincidence" which in itself is worth more than the price of the entire book; "U-Find-Our-Cards," a chapter wherein spectators unknowingly discover their own selected cards in a puzzling fashion; and "Auto-Graphic Minds," which will never fail to bewilder the closest observer. Plus additional tricks of a professional caliber.

Here is a collection of the very smartest magic, devised and used in his own act by Lu Brent, the top-notch Philadelphia professional...

★★★★★ $8
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Take a Card

Jack McMillen & Judson Brown
Take a Card by Jack McMillen & Judson Brown

This hard-to-find book of eleven clever card effects was ahead of its time and still plays well to today's audiences. While not self-working, magicians with ordinary card ability can do them all.

The effects include:

  • An Instantaneous Detection
  • The Haunted Whisper
  • The Hazy Pips
  • From Another Deck
  • A Joker Location
  • Another Joker Location
  • Blowing the Pips
  • A New Reverse Location
  • Upside Down
  • The Phantom Pips
  • Topsy-Turvy Location

Acclaimed by close-up masters including Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller, McMillen and Brown were known as the most skillful card performers on the Pacific coast. Those who knew...

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Sandsational Rope

George Sands
Sandsational Rope by George Sands

An entire act performed with any piece of rope.

A rope routine that is out of this world. Completely explained in these illustrated directions. Broken down into ten, easy-to-master steps to make learning a breeze. Includes patter, so you can keep your audience in stitches throughout.

As used by many professionals. A natural for the entertainer who travels light, as all you need is rope and a pair of scissors. No magnets, rubber cement, snaps, tape, wires, black art, or other gimmicks to worry about. Use any rope.

"I recommend it without hesitation." - Bill Larsen

"Sandsational Rope is the single...

★★★★ $8
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The Talking Skull Book

Lester Lake & T. A. Whitney
The Talking Skull Book by Lester Lake & T. A. Whitney

It talks, it answers questions, it floats, etc. The most complete treatise on the talking skull ever published. The Talking Skull is an entertaining and versatile effect that will find a place in any magician's act. It's as much at home in a Midnight Spook Show as it is in a straight magic routine. It plays as well on a nightclub floor as it does on television. The Talking Skull can be performed as seriously as the occasion requires, or it can provide much-needed comic relief in between the more serious effects in your show.

There have been a number of methods for the Talking Skull released...

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Chinatown Quarter Magic

Hen Fetsch
Chinatown Quarter Magic by Hen Fetsch

At long last this booklet of seven new routines for use with your Chinatown Quarter (they also work with the Chinatown Half and Chinatown Dollar) is once again available. Leave it to the fertile mind of "Hen" Fetsch to come up with these clever money mysteries with which you can enchant most any audience. Get that Chinatown quarter, half or dollar coin you already own out of your magic drawer and put it to use.


  • Foreword by T. A. Whitney
  • Chinatown Finale
  • Chinatown Flip
  • Chinatown Surprise
  • Chinatown Letter
  • Chinatown In-Out
  • Chinatown Buddha
  • Chinatown Monte
  • Additional References ...
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The Card Expert Entertains

Dariel Fitzkee
The Card Expert Entertains by Dariel Fitzkee

A master class on card technique, giving the 19 possible effects in all of card magic, the 16 basic sleight-of-hand accomplishments, and details on what is required to become an expert with cards. The first six chapters alone are a "must read" for all magicians, as they will most certainly provide motivation and (hopefully) inspiration to improve their routines.

Also included is a completely rewritten and illustrated explanation of Buckley's Thirty Card Problems book, including explanations and illustrations of the necessary sleights, supplementary suggestions, presentation ideas, observations, comments and advice...

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Top Secrets

Robert J. Gunther & A. Sydney Fleischman
Top Secrets by Robert J. Gunther & A. Sydney Fleischman

A delightful book of well-written and beautifully illustrated and top-quality magic. Contains seventeen tricks and tips, most suitable for close-up presentation. Illustrated by Bob Gunther, former Disney animator.

Partial contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Rattled Rogue
  • The Vest-Pocket Hindu Rope Trick
  • Thumbing A Lift
  • Master Observation
  • Spy Stuff
  • Bunk and Bunco
  • Bit of Business for Cards to Pocket
  • Fingertips
  • Burnt Toast
  • The F. & G. Torn Newspaper Method
  • An Egg in the Hand
  • Bit of Business for the Linking Rings
  • The Test Coin Vanish
  • The F. & G. Fancy Shuffle
  • Whiskey Glass Swindle ...
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Perfection Crystal Gazing Act

Geo DeLawrence
Perfection Crystal Gazing Act by Geo DeLawrence

A rare book for the stage mentalist that originally sold for the equivalent of $88.00 in today's money. When we say rare, it was no longer listed after its appearance in the Nelson Enterprises Catalog No. 6 in 1927.

Covers the best equipment for psychic entertainers to use in their act, seven psychic tests for stage performers, the namesake Perfection Crystal Gazing Act itself and how to perform it, requirements for presenting the act, a sample Q&A reading, and a good amount of professional advice.

Also includes the all-important introductory lecture that sets up the act and gets the audience in a receptive mood for...

★★★★★ $10
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Palm Reading for Magicians

William W. Larsen
Palm Reading for Magicians by William W. Larsen

This psychological reading allows most anyone to present a convincing demonstration of palmistry, even if they've never read palms before.

Thayer originally sold this Larsen title as a manuscript in their catalog (Item No. 1394). Now once again available in this expanded and updated book edition, the original content has been supplemented with new features to make it even more complete.

Understand, this is not a trick, but a stock reading that you can easily memorize and give to any person without further study. Use it to supplement, dramatically, your usual readings. Or if you're entirely...

★★★★★ $10
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Vaudeville Hypnotism

David J. Lustig
Vaudeville Hypnotism by David J. Lustig

You, too, can be a stage hypnotist!

A monumental work devoted to the performance of stage hypnotism, written by a close confidant of Dunninger. Contains not only individual tests, but a complete two-hour show, as well. Written by an experienced operator (and owner of a stage hypnotic show), this course provides authentic instructions for performing a complete evening's entertainment.

The libraries of many seasoned professionals are incomplete, as they do not have this book in their collection. With this new revised edition, it's priced so reasonably that now virtually any interested magician, mentalist...

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Power of Thought

John Scarne
Power of Thought by John Scarne

Over the years, many have (incorrectly) assumed that the "Power of Thought" effect that Scarne enjoyed performing uses the same method as the version described in the Scarne On Card Tricks book. This is not the case, as you'll be pleased to discover if you buy this ebook. This is the version Scarne himself used and (unlike the version in the mass market book), this method doesn't rely on swapping cards in your pocket. Indeed, you need not wear a jacket at all; you can perform this effect in your swim trunks if you're so inclined.

This method was originally offered by Scarne to magicians in a 1950 pre-publication...

★★★★ $5
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First Call to Cards

Stewart James
First Call to Cards by Stewart James

Here are twelve remarkable card tricks invented and performed by Stewart James in Canada, England and the U.S. So many magicians asked to learn these tricks that Stewart decided to reveal them for the first time in this book. Most all of his card magic is done without difficult sleights or trick cards, using subtlety instead.


MIKE AND IKE: — The famous look-alike detectives capture a gang of criminals and identify their leader. A spectator (witness) doesn't tell how the sleuths are disguised until the case is closed.

SEVEN WONDERS — No preparation is necessary to illustrate...

★★★★★ $10
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Musson's Magic

Clettis Musson
Musson's Magic by Clettis Musson

A dozen, practical effects for stage, club and platform from this well-respected author. Finally, back in print once again. This fine collection of tried and tested effects that will have your audiences applauding. Why spend a fortune on your magic effects when you can easily make them yourself at home or on the road for pennies on the dollar?

Partial contents:

  • Supreme Color Change
  • Diabolical Card Location
  • Color Tag
  • The Work of the Spirits
  • The Appearing Pip
  • Genuine Mental Telepathy
  • Balls of Mystery
  • Glass and Needle Trick
  • The Travelling Watch
  • Transposition Extraordinary
  • Mystic...
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Don Alan's Bowl Routine

Don Alan
Don Alan's Bowl Routine by Don Alan

Just as Don presented it on TV. The move is so good you'll fool yourself. This trick had a lot to do with Don Alan's success on TV and in countless personal appearances. In fact, the very first time Don had a chance to do a trick for anyone connected with TV - in this case the director of a new show - he performed this effect. He was hired at once and began his long and sensational career. It's that good.

This beautiful routine uses a brass bowl (not supplied), or a single cup from your regular Cups and Balls set. The cup is not gimmicked in any way. Also needed are four sponges, which...

★★★★★ $8
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Frank Garcia's Sponge Balls

Frank Garcia
Frank Garcia's Sponge Balls by Frank Garcia

The sponge ball routine, in the hands of a capable performer, is one of the most astounding feats one can do, as the magic happens in the hands of a spectator. Garcia's routines are among the best of the best. Illustrated by Harvan with 17 drawings to show you how to master the routines and moves.

The booklet includes The First Routine, Lesson in Misdirection with the Magic Count, Garcia's Krazee Sponges, Perfect Sponge Vanish, Basic Routine for Beginners, Color Change Routine, Square and Cube Routine, plus suggestions by a working pro.

Here's your chance to add new moves, ideas and...

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It Can Be Magic

J. Stewart Smith
It Can Be Magic by J. Stewart SmithThis collection includes 13 baffling card mysteries. Close-up magicians who know their craft rave about Smith's work, both for its presentation and its methods.


  • A Cocksure Choice
  • Topsy-Turvy
  • Without Doubt
  • Invisible Power
  • A Weird Event
  • A Surprising Revelation
  • A Transformation
  • In Like Manner
  • The Survivor
  • A Magical Restoration
  • Hide and Seek
  • At Ease
  • An Interchange

"Within these pages the reader will find many new effects. He will also discover a few oldies in new dress. But most of all he will find good, effective card tricks that he can perform with a minimum...

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Irv's Triple Transposition

Irv Weiner
Irv's Triple Transposition by Irv Weiner

Add to your arsenal of outstanding close-up effects with this hard-to-find manuscript from a recognized master of deception. The effect is simple and direct: Four Aces change places with four Kings, which are later found face-up in the deck.

Meanwhile, in the pile formerly occupied by the Kings, are cards that match one previously selected by a spectator.

Or, as Canadian reviewer Sid Lorraine says:

"Aces in one pile, Kings in another. The Aces and Kings change places; then the Kings jump into the deck face up and the four remaining cards on the table turn out to be the four Queens."


★★★★★ $6
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The Queen's Soiree: Pet Effects 1

Dai Vernon
The Queen's Soiree: Pet Effects 1 by Dai Vernon

A remarkable transition effect using unprepared objects and little sleight of hand.

Four Queens from any pack are placed on the four corners of a square cloth. Two of the Queens are covered with squares of paper. One at a time, the Queens are put beneath the cloth thru which they penetrate and come up under the square of paper. It is amazing to see the identical card make the passage and appear under the paper along with the others, until all four are assembled under one paper.

Vernon's original methods and several puzzling variations - different from anything ever offered, no extra...

★★★★ $6
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It Just Happens

J. Stewart Smith
It Just Happens by J. Stewart Smith

J. Stewart Smith continues with his professionally-praised run of card magic routines, this one containing seven appealing card mysteries. Like his previous releases, all the work is accomplished without knuckle-busting sleight of hand. Only a few simple moves are necessary, easily within the grasp of the average magician. Smith strives to strip down his creations so every move is logical, from an audience's perspective. There is no confusion as to what happens. It looks like pure magic.


  • A Transformation
  • The Nostalgic Trio
  • The Unseen Passage
  • Two Faces Up
  • Pure and...
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