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Bill Nagler MD

(Detroit, Michigan: 9th May 1951 - )

Taught at age 4 by Nate Leipzig, his uncle's cousin. Physician and psychiatrist. Semi-pro since age 12 with close-up and mental magic.

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Bill Nagler MD

The Psychology of Magic by Bill Nagler MDDr. Bill Nagler is a psychologist and he provides a psychologist's in depth view of the world of magic. The information is radical and instructive.Why do top magicians rarely earn the sums of money that top stars in other entertainment fields earn? Why do some people hate magic so much? What is basically wrong with most people's approach to magic?

Find out for yourself and be prepared to be startled and perhaps end up changed in your attitude to magic. Bill includes his full close up act which helped him to pay his way through medical school. You'll see that he is not just a theorist! ...

2009 / 5 / 28

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