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BIRT: Baxter's Indian Rope Trick
by Ian Baxter


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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BIRT: Baxter's Indian Rope Trick by Ian Baxter

A lovely print-and-perform trick.

Who in magic, beginner or expert, has not purchased, watched, or performed that perennial "Gone To Lunch" or as it is sometimes called, "The Indian Rope Trick"? This magic shop favourite has been making the rounds for decades and is still a consistent best-seller for dealers all over the world.

Would you believe, Australian card man Ian Baxter has for years been performing his own version that tops the original? Baxter put this together back in the 1990's and sold it through limited dealerships. Yes, the 'Gone To Lunch' theme is fully intact, but there are two extra effects included here. There is no faked card and rubber band with this handling. Limited sleight of hand, easy to work.

The optional, third effect in the package has a light-hearted mentalism touch to it and can be worked into virtually any close-up routine.

Full instructions and artwork are supplied; you can run off your own cards on any printer or copier. This is bound to please the most discriminating pocket trick devotee and is keenly priced at just $8.00.

1st edition 1993, PDF 4 pages.
word count: 1440 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text