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Bob Malinchock

Bob Malinchock

Bob Malinchock is a long-time member of both SAM and IBM as well as many other magic clubs. He has had the privilege of serving as secretary, treasurer, scribe, and newsletter author. More recently he has had effects published in MUM and The Linking Ring (Most recently two One-Man Parades, Oct. 2022 and May 2023).

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Bob Malinchock
It's Just Numbers by Bob Malinchock

Some lesser-known math-based tricks.

I always liked numbers. Numbers yes, math maybe not. What I have attempted to accomplish with this small book is to document some of the more unusual effects I have found and presented that rely on some mathematical principle, sometimes an obscure principle, as its underlying method. Generally, such methods offer the performer a relatively simple and often almost foolproof self-working guarantee of success.

Ah, but only success in the method. Anyone with any experience soon realizes that it isn’t the method so much as the presentation that truly makes...

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