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It's Just Numbers
by Bob Malinchock


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It's Just Numbers by Bob Malinchock

Some lesser-known math-based tricks.

I always liked numbers. Numbers yes, math maybe not. What I have attempted to accomplish with this small book is to document some of the more unusual effects I have found and presented that rely on some mathematical principle, sometimes an obscure principle, as its underlying method. Generally, such methods offer the performer a relatively simple and often almost foolproof self-working guarantee of success.

Ah, but only success in the method. Anyone with any experience soon realizes that it isn’t the method so much as the presentation that truly makes for a resounding bit of favorable entertainment. Thus the reason for my emphasis in this tome on presentation rather than the math behind the effects being offered.

There are only five effects; however, they are unique enough to constitute an interesting complete program at an informal gathering of friends or party. The first, Rural Genius, is generally humorous and often can lead into the next effects still focusing on numbers.

The second, Connections, allows for a greater informal connection with many audience members. As your speed increases, some may even think you must be a math genius.

The third effect, Lucky Seven, gets a little more serious if presented as a demonstration of psychic mentalism and the development of two-directional thought transference.

The fourth, It’s Just Natural, can leave your audience questioning whether all apparent coincidences are really simple natural random events - or perhaps not?

The final, Celebration Matrix, is a good stand-alone offering when invited to a special occasion. It leaves the celebrated with something to remember the occasion.

A small collection of some odd, not well-known math tricks that for the most part are presentations of my own that have been successfully tested. I have done my best to identify those sources involved in each to the best of my knowledge.

  • Rural Genius
  • Connections
  • Lucky Seven
  • It’s Just Natural
  • Celebration Matrix

1st edition 2023, PDF 17 pages.
word count: 4137 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text