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Bob Solari

Bob Solari

(Hackensack, New Jersey: 2nd July 1961 - )

Robert "Bob" Solari learned at age 5 from a family friend. Bonded locksmith in Clifton, New Jersey. Non-performing inventor, manufacturer, and mail-order dealer in some 50 effects since 1986, including Hell Bent (1991). Trick in MUM. Videos (1993 & 1994).

Coauthors: Tom Ogden

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Bob Solari & Tom Ogden
Nailed by Bob Solari & Tom Ogden

The performer displays two straight large nails held at his fingertips. Slowly the two nails visibly bend to a 45-degree angle. The nails continue to visibly bend to almost a 90-degree angle. The nails remain in view throughout this bending process. The nails continue to bend to almost a horseshoe angle. The spectator can actually hear the nails bending, immediately hand the bent nails out for examination. The nails can even be examined before the bending. Nothing concealed in the hand. Resets in seconds. Nails can be used over and over again. No, you do not need super strength to perform this...

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