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Bold Bet by Unknown Mentalist

This is a Print & Perform routine.

Bold Bet is a powerful routine where you bet a $100 bill (you can use any denomination bill, of course) that you will be able to accurately influence the thoughts of your participant. In each routine 5 poker-size cards are used (you can print these 5 cards in any size you may want).

There are three different routines explained with different themes.

1. Bond Routine : You use 5 well-known Bond actors for this routine. The participant chooses one of the actors and you prove in a very novel manner that you have successfully influenced your participant. You will never lose any money, of course.

2. Enigmatic Routine : Here you use 5 enigmatic personalities whose life was surrounded with mystery and enigma. Once again, the participant chooses one of the personalities and again you show in a very novel manner that you have predicted the participant's choice well in advance.

3. Bond Girls Routine : This is an adult comedy routine. 5 of the well-known Bond girls are used for this effect. While proving in a humorous and comic way, how some of the participants have a naughty mind, you are able to demonstrate that you have predicted a participant's choice well in advance very accurately.

The underlying classic principle is completely self-working and is dressed up to deliver a double impact in each of the above routines. This is the same principle used in my Coin'cidence and Absolute & Ultimate Coin'cidence ebooks, but used in completely different avatars.

There is a one-time preparation of printing, laminating the cards and a couple of other small bits but once done, you are set to perform these routines any number of times for any number of years.

The first 2 routines work in any language straightaway. The Bond girls routines can be easily adapted to any language. There are no sleights, no stooges and no preshow. There are no anagrams and no memory work involved. No peeks, no impressions, no threads, no magnets, no electronics, no apps. It's an old-school classic method couched in an innovative presentation and delivery.

These routines can be done close up, parlor, stage and even in a virtual show.

1st edition 2023, PDF 30 pages.
word count: 3721 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text