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Bunny Topper
by Alan Kennaugh


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Bunny Topper by Alan Kennaugh

A triple effect with a sheet of paper. You can immediately print yourself the necessary pictures. This is the original description of the effect as sold by Supreme:

“What a fantastic pocket effect! .... What a great trick for you to use at kids' party-shows or your more intimate type dates. Nothing to carry but it's big, big, big, in effect. Based on an original effect given to us as a Supreme Exclusive; top magician, top journalist, Alan Kennaugh has come up with a brilliant idea which at once makes this into a new trick, an entertaining trick, a mystifying trick, and one which has a really fantastic double, no, treble-barrelled climax. The magician shows a folded piece of paper with pictures of two rabbits and boy, how they multiply. When the paper is unfolded there's four rabbits and suddenly there's eight. Eight rabbits and eight top-hats!

The magician re-folds the paper and gives a spectator an absolutely free choice of rabbits or hats. The spectator can hold the paper as you make one single cut with a pair of shears right through the centre of the paper. You take one half, the spectator takes the other ... Surprise! when the spectator discovers that he is holding eight single squares of paper ... it seems unbelievable - and incredibly they are all the same.

If the spectator has, say, rabbits, the magician must hold the hats, and he has. And here's another surprise, for what he holds is a delicate lace-work ... a lattice of paper squares, each of the squares being printed with a hat. "You ain't seen nuttin yet" as Al Jolson said. There's more to come.

The magician separates the hats and places these with the rabbits. "Of course, if there was real magic" he says, "I could restore the paper". A magic pass and that's just what he has done for the square of paper is now restored again.

Hey! - can you believe this - here's another climax for now all the rabbits are cutely sit-ting-up inside the hats.

Here's a pocket perplexer that really causes their eyes to pop. At the end of the effect, the Rabbits in Hats paper can be given to the assisting spectator as a memento of your astonishing powers as a wonder worker. They'll keep it as a souvenir of your supreme sorcery.

We supply you with special Rabbit and Hat pictures, so you can print the necessary sheets and the full instructions and routines in the form of a special illustrated manuscript. We have seldom been so enthusiastic over any item. We love this and we believe that you will too!"

1st edition 1979, PDF 5 pages.
word count: 2004 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text