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Business Change
by Brian Kennedy

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Business Change by Brian Kennedy

The magician says he has a prediction written which he will get back to. A card is selected, noted and lost back into the pack. The magician says he will make the selection jump to the top of the deck. It is the wrong card. The magician shows his written prediction. It doesn't match the top card, but it is the selected card predicted ahead of time. The magician places the indifferent card into the spectator's hand. He waves his business card over the indifferent card. It visually morphs into the indifferent card. Spectator opens their hands. they are now holding their selected card.

  • multiple routines
  • multiple card changes
  • business card can be handed out and fully examined
  • super easy to do
  • super easy to make durable gimmick
  • fully self contained
  • super fast reset
  • 0.01% sleight of hand
With additional ideas by Cameron Francis.

1st edition 2013, runtime 1h 10min

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