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B'yond the Wave
by Raphaël Czaja

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B'yond the Wave by Raphaël Czaja

Effect: Four cards are selected from a deck and tabled face down in a row. The first selection is turned face up, it is the 10S. The magician explains he has previously turned one card over with the same suit in a four-of-a-kind packet. An odd-backed packet is introduced as the magician says he was actually so sure of the spectator's choice that he replaced the other cards with Jokers. He displays one face down card between three Jokers. The card is turned face up, it is a Spade! The card is replaced into the face up packet that is placed momentarily onto the deck. The card has changed into the 10S!

But we still have three selections left! The magician snaps his fingers and a Joker changes into a 8H! The magician snaps his fingers again and the rest of the Jokers change into the 8H! One 8H is rubbed onto his arm and changes into the JC! The last 8H is placed between his palms but nothing happens. The card is turned faced down so we see a mark onto the back that says 3D! The other selections are turned face up: They are the 8H, JC and 3D!

Requires a readily available fake card. Easy to do. Includes extra tips and routine ideas.

"Just tried it out and it works like a dream. [...] I like it. Keep up the good work!" - Stephen Tucker

"I really dig the structure, especially all of the built in surprises. Plus, you end clean! Great stuff!" - John Gelasi

"It made me think of John Bannon's style of magic: simple and quite direct. Highly recommended." - Vlad_77, MagicCafe member

1st edition 2012, 6 pages.
word count: 1425 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text