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Cabaret Card Divination
by Billy McComb & Ken de Courcy


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Cabaret Card Divination by Billy McComb & Ken de Courcy

The Effect: The magician removes a pack of cards from its packet and hands it out for shuffling and cutting. He also gives a sealed envelope to another spectator for safe keeping. The shuffled deck is passed to someone else who is instructed to deal seven cards on to the hand of the person seated next to him. The performer reclaims the balance of the pack then asks the spectator to fan the seven cards he holds faces towards himself.

From the center of the floor, the magician says, "Sir, I think you are looking at a Queen of Spades. If I'm right, please remove it from the other cards and hold it above your head so everyone can see it, then give it to the gentleman next to you."

The spectator confirms that he holds the Queen of Spades, holds it up, then passes it to his neighbor. This same procedure continues with five more cards, which leaves only one card in the spectator's hand. Turning to the keeper of the envelope, the performer asks him to open it and read aloud the message on the card inside. He reads, "The last card you will look at is the Three of Hearts." And, of course, it is.

Before detailing the method, consider these points; the only requirements are an ordinary pack of cards, an envelope and a 'prediction' card. There are no sleights and it can be done surrounded. It brings in four members of the audience yet not one of them needs to leave his seat.

1st edition 1978, 8 pages; PDF 9 pages.
word count: 3195 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text