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Liar by Devin Knight

Challenge repeat lie detector test

This is one of the most amazing self-working tricks you will ever see. It is so ingenious that you will fool yourself when you first perform it. Many magicians say that they can't fool their wives. Rest assured, this effect is so amazing that it will blow your wife away with no feasible solution; not only her, but most of your magic buddies as well. Read every word carefully and then ponder how such a thing is possible. This is done with a borrowed deck under challenge conditions.

Borrow a deck or use your own. Have a spectator shuffle the deck and then remove any eight cards at random, face down. Neither the spectator nor magician looks at the faces of the cards. The eight freely selected cards remain face down. The spectator shuffles these eight cards face down as much as he desires. Once done, he hands the packet to the magician who fans them out face-down for one to be chosen. No forces or secret peeks whatsoever. A card is chosen and secretly looked at by the spectator who returns it to the packet of cards. There are positively no crimps or secret marking of the card.

The magician squares the packet and tells the spectator, he wants him to lie about the name of the selected card and tell the performer a lie by telling him a different card. The magician says he will deal cards one at a time by spelling out the full name of the card. This in turn will mix the cards. The performer points out that spelling the Six of Clubs as opposed to the Queen of Diamonds will result in a different amount of cards being dealt. Say the spectator named the Seven of Diamonds. The performer deals the cards from the top of the deck into a face-down pile on the table one at a time until he has spelled the named card.

The magician then says, "When I asked you the name of your card, you said Seven of Diamonds, but you lied." The performer then spells L-I-E-D transferring one card from the top to the bottom. As he turns the card over he says: "You actually selected the Five of Clubs." Which is the very card the spectator selected.

Note: There are no cuts (secret or otherwise) made to the packet before spelling LIED, which is why this is so baffling.

Normally, a trick shouldn't be repeated, but the performer immediately repeats the trick in a more baffling way. He hands the eight cards to the spectator to shuffle again, and then fans the faces toward the spectator to remove a different card from the fan. The magician still does not see the faces of the cards. The spectator returns the card to the spread.

This time the magician says, "This time I will give you a choice. When I ask for the name of the card you selected you can either tell me the truth or you can lie again. Either way, I will spell the name of the card you tell me." Assume the spectator says, "Three of Hearts." The magician deals a card from the top to the table for each letter of the named card. The performer then asks the spectator if he told the truth or lied. Assume the spectator says, he told the truth. The performer spells T-R-U-T-H dealing one card on the table for each letter. "That is correct," says the performer, "this is your card." The performer turns over the top card and it is indeed the Three of Hearts! How is such a feat possible?

If the spectator says he lied, the magician spells L-I-E-D, dealing one card for each letter on the table, when the top card is turned over it is the actual card the spectator selected. This works whether he lies or tells the truth! Spectator can name any card for you to spell, no restrictions.

  • Full name of card spelled including the final S for all cards.
  • No Forces
  • 100% Self-working; no skill or sleights
  • positively no marked cards
  • Perfect for strolling magic, as the results will be different each time
1st edition 2019, PDF 10 pages.
word count: 2560 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text