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CalendarX 2024
by Unknown Mentalist

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CalendarX 2024 by Unknown Mentalist

"What a great idea! Bravo!" - Luca Volpe

"This is staggering in its brilliance" - Marc Salem

CalendarX is a novel and fascinating concept. You just have to print out this 2024 calendar in whatever size you want and you can perform several effects throughout the year using this innovative calendar.

You can do coincidence effects, pin reveals, ACAAN effects, book tests, prediction effects, birthday divinations, add a number effects, diary effects, tossed out type routines, envelope routines etc. This will be a very handy tool for you to carry with you all through the year and perform different types of effects anytime, anywhere to anyone.

WHAT YOU GET : Along with this ebook you also the calendar images for you to print them out.

CUSTOMIZING CALENDAR X : If you want, you can use photoshop or other tools to customize CalendarX 2024 to add your own performance pictures, if you want.

CARRYING CALENDAR X : There are several options to carry this calendar with you so that it is always with you. For stage you could have this on a digital screen.

You could carry an image of this calendar on your mobile phone. This way you are always ready to perform effects out of this calendar.

You can print this calendar on both sides of a A5 (half of A4) paper, fold it and keep it in your wallet or pocket. Again this way, you are always ready with the calendar.

You can also print this as a tent-type calendar to be kept on your table. You can also have it as a wall calendar in your home or office.

ROUTINES : There are 42 different routines explained. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can easily come up with several of your own routines once you learn the basic features of CalendarX. The list of routine ideas explained is as follows.

  • Propless Routines : 1
  • Prediction Effects : 4
  • Book Tests : 4
  • Coincidence Effects : 5
  • Birthday Divinations : 3
  • ACAAN Effects : 8
  • Pin Reveals : 4
  • Add a Number Effects : 3
  • Tossed Out Routines : 2
  • Diary Effects : 5
  • Envelope Routines : 3

For example, in one of the ACAAN effects there are 4 different decks on view. The performer never touches any of them. 4 different participants freely choose any one of the decks each for themselves. And in that freely chosen deck, they will find their thought of card at their thought of number.

Another example, in one of the tossed-out effects you toss out an ungimmicked book to 4 participants in the audience one after the other and each will open a page to the number in their mind. And you can reveal accurately what each of them individually is thinking in their mind.

The CalendarX makes it possible to perform all these effects and you can create several of your own effects. This is a resource or tool which will keep on giving throughout the year 2024.

No sleights, no preshow and no stooges. No equivoque, no dual reality, no instant stooges. The CalendarX 2024 is fully self working. Very simple and easy to learn and perform. But the structure and presentation of the routine creates a long lasting impact. It is very flexible in that you can make it as short or as long you want it to be. And right from the beginning, the performer is in total control.

Both you and your audience will enjoy and appreciate this CalendarX 2024.

DISCLAIMER : This is not a magic course for beginners. So a basic level of magic intelligence and a minimum level of performance skill are expected to be able to perform these effects.

1st edition 2023, PDF 54 pages.
word count: 6839 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text