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Top of the Bill
by Terri Rogers

Top of the Bill by Terri Rogers

A wonderful routine and variation for the Jastrow Illusion, also known as Magic Boomerangs.

Just who is the Top of the Bill? Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy?

That's the dilemma confronting the performer in this strange and bizarre close-up routine. Seeing is believing!

Two nameplates, one for Stan and one for Ollie, shrink and elongate as each is given pride of place at the Top of the Bill. How? Simple, they are short on one side and long on the other. Or so claims the performer. Is it an optical illusion? It seems so until the finale in which the spectator is left with two nameplates of completely different sizes!

The routine is terrific. Lots of magic. Lots of audience participation. Perfect for trade-show workers. Just make the name plates up with different product names.

Comes with the laminated nameplates and Terri's complete routine.

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