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Card Flair
by Peter Duffie

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Card Flair by Peter Duffie

Seventeen excellent card routines from an innovative card man.

1st edition, 2000.

FREE AS A BIRD: This effect is a two card discovery that I find quite effective. It uses the Hamilton/Finnell Free Cut Principle - a visual deception of the highest order.

WEDLUCK: The trick that follows is a simple, yet effective, royal marriages effect using the Rusduck Stay Stack principle. A Stay Stack is a mirror stack that retains its properties after certain shuffling.

THE PARANORMAN: A chosen card is found using three unknown numbers. This uses the Norman Gilbreath Principle. Before commencing set your pack with the colours alternating.

THE MILKING WAY: What follows is packet version of Paul Curry's "Power of Thought."

KEY LARGO: Two cards are very fairly selected and lost into the pack. The first card is found by mental effort - the second selection is found by stabbing the first into the pack.

UNI-VERSATILE: This is a very easy approach to the Fulves "Universal Card" plot. Here, a black Jack takes on the image of an Ace, Two and Three. Finally the Ace, Two and Three change into the other three Jacks.

COLLATORS: Two cards are selected then returned to the deck. You now remove the Ace, Two and Three of Clubs and, after a demonstration of their powers, they ensnare both selections.

COLOUR FOOL: A simple red black alternating stack can be a very potent weapon. The following multiple card location is an example of how this simple set-up can be used to good effect.

LIKEWISE: An elaboration on the classic 'Do As I Do' effect.

THE UNDERTAKERS: Here's another trick using a Stay Stack. Inspired by 'Wedluck', this is different effect.

THE PARTY'S OVER: The effect is that of Bob Hummer "18 Card Mystery," but with a new approach to the displacement.

ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO: A coincidence effect with two spectators doing all the work! The second phase of this trick is based on a previous effect of mine called 'Ethos.'

SIMPLY STATED: Simply stated, the two red Aces find two previously chosen cards.

A TWISTED TALE: This is a combination of Vernon's 'Twisting the Aces' and the 'Hofzinser Card Problem.' The original version of this appeared in Abacus.

KATCH KINGS: A simple two card sandwich trick suddenly develops into a full-blown Collectors effect.

THE COUNCIL OF 9: The following effect is a simple card discovery where a spectator finds his own card without knowing quite how.

DREAMT: Without asking questions you divine the name of a card that a spectator has thought of.
word count: 7940 which is equivalent to 31 standard pages of text