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Card Magic: a Svengali Deck Routine
by Dr. John D. Bain

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Card Magic: a Svengali Deck Routine by Dr. John D. Bain

The Svengali deck of cards is a specially prepared deck of playing cards (Poker-sized or Bridge-sized) that can be used by magicians or entertainers to perform various tricks. The deck and the tricks performed with it are assisted by its unique design and require almost no skill. It is based on a very old principle of entertaining deception and confidence game manipulation.

The cards of the deck can be flipped or riffled to create the illusion that the deck is completely ordinary. It can even be apparently mixed and shuffled. The trick involves a spectator choosing a card from the deck and returning it. The previously selected card can subsequently appear anywhere in the deck under the magician's control. Though defeating the point of the deception, the entire deck may finally be presented as being composed of all duplicate cards.

A pack of Svengali cards is not included in the purchase of this ebook. It is your responsibility to purchase your deck separately. I do not sell or provide the cards myself. You can go to the internet and search for Svengali Deck in any popular search engine online and find many places where you can purchase your deck of cards.

You will notice in the photo examples in this ebook that I use a cheap set of the popularly sold and distributed bridge-sized cards (I have 4 or 5 sets of Svengali cards in my possession for variety of key card). You can order Svengali cards in Poker-size with Bicycle backs if you want to go top flight, but I am satisfied being the Poor Man's Magician.

1st edition 2018, PDF 36 pages.
word count: 8389 which is equivalent to 33 standard pages of text