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Multiplying Golf Balls
by Dr. John D. Bain

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Multiplying Golf Balls by Dr. John D. Bain

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You will not only learn the classic multiplying ball effect but also how to make the necessary props yourself, and in particular how to make the most important half-shell yourself.

The perfection of the effect does require skill, but the ardent practitioner will achieve success without great difficulty.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

My favorite magic trick involving the use of balls has always been the Multiplying Ball Trick. Here is a tutorial book that will show you how to secure the materials that are needed to make props for the trick and then how to perform the effect. I have added a surprise ending – a color-change routine. I believe it adds a little pop to the old trick.

This trick has been included in magic starter kits for many years but I have never met many adventurous souls who would spend the time learning to perform this fine feat. I challenge you to add it to your show!

  • Introduction
  • Securing the Materials that you will Need
  • Preparing the Props
  • Performance
  • A Simple Color-Changing Ball
  • Colored Ball Multiplication
  • Making a Ball Vanish
  • Parting Words from the Author

1st edition 2015, PDF 21 pages.
word count: 2221 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text

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