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Card Memory
by Players Publishing

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Card Memory by Players Publishing

A simple system of memorizing playing cards.

You can memorize quickly at sight every card in the sequence played and know the cards in each trick and what cards have not been played. Excerpt from the introduction:

This booklet is not published for the purpose of teaching card games, or to define the rules of any game at cards. The sole object is to teach in one lesson a simple, practical method of remembering each card played, to enable card players to determine with absolute certainty which cards have been unplayed at any stage of a game.

  • The Advantage Of Card Memory
  • The Laws Of Natural Memory
    • A.) Observation
    • B.) Association
    • C.) Visualization
  • Artificial Aids To Memory
    • A.) Key Words
    • B.) The Figure Alphabet
    • C.) Code Words Checking Sequence
    • D.) Practice Cards
  • Practical Tests Of Card Memory
  • Additional Sets Of Key Words And Code Words
  • General Memory Training

1st edition 1920, 31 pages; PDF 20 pages.
word count: 6050 which is equivalent to 24 standard pages of text