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Card Mix by Aldo Colombini

Ten very strong routines with cards, from various authors.


  • ITALIAN HEART (Aldo Colombini): A spectator finds a selected card after the deck has been shuffled with a further final climax.
  • FOUR-CARD REPEAT POKER (Paul Gordon): You show four cards and you eliminate one, but you still have four cards. The same thing is repeated and at the end you end up with the four Aces.
  • RAINBOW MYSTERY (Aldo Colombini): You and the spectator select two cards each and they match front and back. What’s so strange? The backs of the other cards are all different (Rainbow).
  • DOUBLE-OVERCUT (Max Maven): This is an impossible double location that floors audiences.
  • LOVE AFFAIR (Aldo Colombini): Two cards ‘blend’ together in the middle of the deck.
  • GET OFF MY FAN (Jay Fortune): A selected card vanishes from a packet and reappears inside your pocket. You repeat with JUMBO cards.
  • PERFORMING KINGS (Aldo Colombini): Several effects using the deck of cards and the Kings.
  • SUNFLOWER (Hiro Sakai): A prediction is left in view. A spectator cuts the deck under a handkerchief and picks a card. It matches the prediction (say they are the two black Fives). The other two Fives appear face up in the middle of the deck.
  • MISSING (Aldo Colombini): Three cards are selected; after testing the four Kings (they turn over several times), they capture the three selections.
  • REVOLUTION (Peter Warlock): The four Aces are lost in the deck and four cards are selected. These cards change into the four Aces and the four cards are seen to be reversed in the middle of the deck.
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