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Card Switches: Revolutionary Card Technique No. 12

by Edward Marlo
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Card Switches: Revolutionary Card Technique No. 12 by Edward Marlo

Original methods for switching a card or cards.

  • Rear Flat Palm
  • Rear Angle Palm
  • Thumb Clip Palm
  • Latest Thumb Clip Palm
  • Changing Palm Positions
  • Flat Card Pickup
  • Getting into the Palm Positions
  • Methods of Unloading the X Card after the Switch: The Flexible Unload
  • The Card Switch Transfer
  • An Impressive Sequence
  • A Simpler Sequence
  • A Third Sequence
  • First Switch
  • Variations of the First Switch
  • Marlo's Card Switch
  • Additional Method for Getting into Basic Position of Rear Flat Palm required for the Marlo Card Swtich
  • Methods of Disclosure
    • The Delayed Disclosure
    • The Indirect Disclosure
    • The Direct Disclosure
  • First Effect
  • Second Effect
  • Marlo's Push Switch
  • Push Switch Variation
  • The Circular Change
  • Rub-A-Dub Change
  • In and Out Switches
  • Unloading Switches
  • Without the Deck
  • Pseudo Card Cheats Switches
  • Simplest Push Switch
  • Angle Palm Switch
  • Ace Vanish and Transfer
  • Four Card Switch
  • Four and Four Transposition
  • Additional Rear Palm Switches
  • Top Palm Switch
  • The Throw Switch
  • One Hand Switch
  • Another Rear Palm Switch
  • The Spread Switch
  • Switcheroo
  • Monte Swindle
  • Marlo's Regulation Palm Switches
  • Another Rear Palm Switch
  • Trite Effect
  • A Card Switch in Reverse

1st edition 1961, 65 pages; 1st digital edition 2017 PDF 67 pages.
word count: 26979 which is equivalent to 107 standard pages of text

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