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Ireland's Year Book 1953

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1953 by Laurie Ireland
  • The Famous Jimmy Trimble Rope Routine
  • An Innovation With The Squared Circle
  • Tricks With A Folding Card
  • Mccallum's Rainbow Knife Routine
  • Tip On Bottomless Glass
  • Paper Tearing With A Color Change Tube
  • Routine For The Ireland Multiplying Watches
  • Follow Up On Hummer's Rare Coin Stunt
  • Three Lighted Cigarettes
  • Master Billiard Ball Routine
  • Production Of Four Solid Billiard Balls
  • Catchy Thimbles
  • A Spectacular Check Book
  • Comedy Card Rising Trick
  • Two Math Ticklers
  • Patter For Block-Kord
  • Cat And Canary - Quickie Version
  • A Japanese Bird
  • The Skunk Wringer
  • The Rabbit Trap Production ...
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Ireland's Year Book 1969 - 70

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1969 - 70 by Laurie Ireland

This was the last volume in the series of Year Books Laurie Ireland published.

  • salute To Our Collectors
  • Love & The Magic Collector
  • The Brotherhood Of Magic
  • Wild Magic
  • Fire Bowl From Paper Bag
  • The Super Duper Safety Match
  • Indian Maid Escape
  • Flaming Torch To Cane
  • Red The Crook
  • Clock Vanish Idea
  • Snow White Dove Production
  • Topper Production
  • Cane To Dove
  • A Tip
  • Johnny Brown's Split!
  • Johnny Brown's Instant Silk
  • From A Mentalist's Notebook
  • Mommy!!
  • Aristocratic Finger Chopper Routine
  • Prof. Cheer Bits
  • Paper Plate Caper
  • Flower Production Dox
  • Supersonic Silks
  • How Did You Do That? ...
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Ireland's Year Book 1967 - 68

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1967 - 68 by Laurie Ireland
  • Karrell Fox - Instant Fun For Everyone!
  • How To Be A Comedian In One Easy Lifetime
  • Thoughts On Magical Comedy
  • An A B C Of Magicomedy Bits
  • What Do Magicians Do When They Aren't Magishing?
  • Magic Isn't Funny
  • Our Sense Of Humor
  • If It's Laughter You're After ...
  • 3 Oriental Boxes
  • Magic Slept Here
  • Pretty Snaky
  • Red White & Blue
  • Foam Plastic And Magic
  • Flight Thru Space
  • Hoy Deploy
  • Transesp
  • Tish Kebob
  • Betty Hal - Astra Gal
  • Make Safety Your Watchword
  • A "Drop" Of Coffee
  • Lines For Safety
  • Ball That Went On A Trip
  • Flying Carpet Card Trick
  • Openers
  • Teeth And Fish Idea
  • Large Coin Routine
  • The Abacus...
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Ireland's Year Book 1952

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1952 by Laurie Ireland
  • Six More Hummers
    • The Four G Men
    • The Card On The Window Pane
    • Double Thought
    • A Rare Coin Stunt
    • A Possible Impossibility
    • Imagination
  • Three Magical Beauties
    • Making A Production Out Of The Pyramid Puzzle
    • Chlorophyll Gag Card
    • The "Trey (Tray) Of Diamonds" Gag Card
  • Match-A-Card
  • Cavorting Cards
  • Animal, Vegetable And Mineral
  • Build It Yourself Nest Of Boxes
  • The Cigarette Vending Machine
  • The Extra Load
  • Kirk's Comedy Spaghetti Winder Gag Prop
  • A Paper Folding Routine
  • Secrets Of Sharpshooting
  • Ali's Eyeful
  • Flower Floats
  • Telephone Fooler
  • Boxadime
  • Idea For The Buddha Tubes ...
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Ireland's Year Book 1965 - 66

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1965 - 66 by Laurie Ireland
  • Jack Gwynne
  • The Turn-Over Vanish
  • Houdini And Ponzi Gwynne
  • Penny - Thru
  • Tricky Farmer
  • Tips On Ball Handling
  • Severed Silk
  • Balloon Trix
  • The Safety Salesman
  • Following Directions
  • Jack Gwynne In U.S. O.
  • Linking Rings
  • Stock Market Manipulations
  • Banging The Bang Gun Around
  • "It's So Nice To Have A Ham Around The House"
  • When The Flag Goes By
  • The Invisible Match Box
  • "X Marks The Card!"
  • Bob Lewis' Top Hat Illusion
  • On The Establishment Of Comedy
  • Krazy Kumpass
  • Stronger Than Dirt
  • Beauty Of Magic
  • 93 Years Ago - A Lady Magician
  • Nun To Present Magic Shows At St. Vincent Festival Sunday ...
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Ireland's Year Book 1951

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1951 by Laurie Ireland
  • O'day's Fried Egg
  • Mysterious Cigarette And Match Production
  • A Spooky Spots Finish
  • Second Portfolio Of Tricks
    • Ambitious Card Routine
    • 54 Card Trick
    • Your Card!
    • Dime, Penny And Bottle Cap
    • Obedient Cigarette
    • The Flying Match
    • Anti-Gravity Match
    • Pull Thru Matches
    • Flying Ink
    • Wine, Milk And Ink
    • Vanishing Lapel Flower
    • Pistol And Silk
    • The Amazing Ladies' Slipper
    • Chinese Pop Bottle
    • Crystal Flower Ladder
  • A Sticky Idea
  • E Z Magazine Test
  • Classified
  • Funny Cigar Gag
  • Tricky Telepathy
  • Flash Dollar Bill Change
  • The Mike Zen’s Card Act
  • A Pack Of Lies
  • The Sands Of Time
  • The Derelict ...
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Ireland's Year Book 1963 - 64

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1963 - 64 by Laurie Ireland
  • Albert Goshman
  • Card & Bill Idea
  • Impromptu Eye Surgery
  • A Rose By Any Other Name---
  • Mystery Magazine Book Test
  • The Golf Balls & Hat
  • Liquid Production
  • Magic With Trading Stamps
  • Safety Magic
  • The Four Fours
  • Yeager's New Ones
  • Sucker Knife Finale
  • Faro: The Game With A Past
  • Our Profile: Bob Arno
  • The Zombie By John
  • "Other Magicians..."
  • Preface
  • The Anna Eva Fay Act
  • Kirk Stiles' Magic Coloring Book
  • New Wrinkles For Torn Cards
  • Miki's Methods
  • The Fun Bottle
  • Our Cover
1st edition 1965, 80 pages; PDF 92 pages.
★★★★★ $15
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Ireland's Year Book 1962

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1962 by Laurie Ireland
  • Par Avion Via Air Mail
  • World's Unique Magic Bartender
  • Thimbles Unanimous
  • Visible 20th Century Silks
  • Bouquet Production
  • Silk-N-Cups
  • Twin Pipe Trick
  • "Poor Man's" Roll-On Table
  • Thoughts On Ranch Bird
  • New Routines For Your Shelved Magic
  • On Misdirection
  • Two Ideas
  • Kid Trick With A Rope
  • Gung Ho Box Routine
  • Impromptu Atomic Routine
  • Knot Routine
  • Magic Helper
  • Written In Blood
  • Loads Of Fun
  • Cat's Eyes
  • Hocus Pocus With Chop Cup
  • Every Magician Has One!
  • Comedy Sawing Ending
  • A Smart Opening
  • You, Too, Can Tie A Turban
  • Technicolor Prediction
  • Three By Jack Avis
  • Red And Black
  • Double...
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Ireland's Year Book 1961

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1961 by Laurie Ireland

This Year Book includes a wonderful article on the Chicago magic bar scene by Jay Marshall. It originally appeared in Rogue Magazine.

  • When Old Friends Meet
  • Shades Of Sorcery
  • The Safety Magician
  • Safety, A United Effort
  • The Vanisher
  • Tips On This And That
  • Dots A Dandy Presentation
  • Trickities 3
  • Coin Combination
  • Die Box Routine
  • Bubble Trouble
  • Fingerless Psycho
  • Grant Plus Karrell Fox
  • A New Card Spatula
  • Two Tips
  • Southern Accent
  • Table Trick
  • The World Of Illusion
  • Patter For Neil Foster’s Center Tear
  • An Original Coin Comedy
  • The Many Uses Of Chen Lee
  • Squaring The Circle
  • Pet...
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Ireland's Year Book 1950

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1950 by Laurie Ireland
  • The Homemade Magician
  • Penny Dime Transposition
  • On The Spot
  • Out-Witted
  • Loaded Spook
  • Dark Thoughts
  • Impromptu Twentieth Century Silks
    • Eggs From Handkerchief
    • Another Here, There And Everywhere
    • Tip For Anti Gravico
    • A House Of Cards
  • Now What?
  • Tuning Up
  • By Chance Alone
  • A Self Lighting Candle
  • The Blue Quints
  • Silks From Nowhere
  • Three Golden Pyramids Of The Valley Of Oom
  • Tom Fitzgerald's Passe Passe Bottles
  • New Use For A Forcing Deck
  • Rope Records And Ribbon
  • Card Telepathy De Luxe
  • The Flight Of Thought
  • The Mystic Ringer
  • A Portfolio Of Bar And Close Up Tricks
    • A "Long" Card...
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Ireland's Year Book 1949

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1949 by Laurie Ireland
  • About The Year Book . . .
  • A Detective's Dream
  • New Effect For The Color Changing Knife Routine
  • Card Force For The Stage
  • Knock Out Prediction
  • Unsigned - Sealed - Delivered
  • Thumb Fun
  • Comedy Bit With The Wrist Chopper
  • The Easy Comedy Golf Ball Routine
  • Self Working Double Load Lota, With A Comedy Routine
  • A Modern You Do As I Do Trick
  • The Invisible Card Routine
  • Rubber Ice Cream Cone Routine
  • The Boomerang Card
  • Jack Yeager's Portfolio Of Magic Tricks And Ideas
    • A Bar Gag
    • "Flash" Cigarette In Handkerchief
    • The Yeager Four Ace Trick
    • Card In Egg Routine De Luxe
    • Intimate Bottle Levitation ...
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Ireland's Year Book 1948

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1948 by Laurie Ireland
  • About The Year Book............
  • The Community Chest Card Trick Or The Red Feather Card
  • Community Chest Routine And Patter For The Square Circle
  • New Idea For The Paddle Trick
  • Restless Cigarettes
  • Rabbit Out Of Top Hat
  • Stage Size Out To Lunch Trick
  • The Golf Ball "Egg" Bag
  • To Vanish The Last Ball
  • A Switch For The Mentalist
  • Nice Doggy!
  • Paper
  • Glorifying Your Magic
  • A Flash Paper And Match Stunt
  • Joseph Dongu's Do As I Do Trick
  • Production Load
  • My Favorite Rising Card
  • The Never Ending Tie
  • Do You Drink?
  • Producing Two Flashes Of Flame
  • Billiard Ball To Playing Card
  • Cashing In On Close...
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Ireland's Year Book 1947

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1947 by Laurie Ireland
  • Introduction
  • Tying And Untying Knots In A Cord Without Letting Go Of The Ends
  • The New And Improved Ink Handkerchief And Turnip Trick
  • A Checker Mystery
  • Carlton King's Rabbit Box
  • Ice Cream Cone Production
  • A Dollar Bill In Candle Effect
  • Nelson's Candle Trick
  • Bossie Cow
  • The Shrinking Glass Of Milk
  • Words And Music
  • The Jack Yeager Thumb Tie Trick
  • The N. E. Book Test
  • Three Linked Discoveries
  • Triple Climax To Cups & Balls
  • The Stripper Combine
  • Glendi's Mental Photography - The Dream Photograph
  • Magic In Milk Containers
  • Thimble Box
  • Clock Dial Card Prediction
1st edition 1947, 38...
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Magic Bookman (used)

Frances Marshall
Magic Bookman (used) by Frances Marshall

Softcover booklet stapled in good condition. For details of the content see the digital edition.

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An Evening With Charlie Miller (used)

Robert Parrish
An Evening With Charlie Miller (used) by Robert Parrish

Plastic comb bound softcover. The plastic comb is damaged and missing some parts. The sheets are in good condition. For details on the content see the digital edition.

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Ireland's Year Book 1946

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1946 by Laurie Ireland
  • My Blendo Load
  • Amazing Coincidence
  • You Can't Lose - Apparently!
  • Okito Goes Mental
  • My Favorite Routine With Otto The Duck
  • Two Tips On Tricks
  • One Card In 52
  • Dice Stack Addenda
  • A New Idea On Rising Cards
  • Confetti And Milk
  • Method For An Unprepared Blendo
  • Drink Your Milk
  • Cut Ribbon Gag
  • About Tables
  • Wine To Beer A Chemical Trick
  • Utility Glass
  • The Floating Glass
  • Candy From The Air
  • Paper Lady An Illusion For Production Of A Girl
  • An Addition To Reversette
  • The Crystal Flame
  • The Magic House
  • Checkers To Pear To Rice
  • Colossal Glass Of Beer Production
  • Tic Tac Toe - A Super Mental...
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So You Want To Make Money In Magic?

Hank Moorehouse
So You Want To Make Money In Magic? by Hank Moorehouse

Tips on how to make money with magic and in particular kid shows. He addresses topics such as name, costume, publicity, booking, fee charged, tricks and props, etc. Includes a funny and at the same time revealing introduction by his wife.

1st edition 1972, PDF 7 pages.

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Kid Stuff

Frances Marshall
Kid Stuff by Frances Marshall

Frances Marshall's Kid Stuff series is considered by many experts to be essential reading for anyone interested in performing magic for children. These ebooks contain full scripts, new routines, and advice for both show and business.

  • kid Stuff
  • The Puppet Rabbit Routine
  • The Laurie Ireland Routine With The Egg And Bag Trick
  • Comedy Wand, Handkerchief And Fan Routine
  • The Foxwell Paper Race
  • A Mental Trick For Kids
  • Prelude To Any Rope Trick
  • The Stomach Ache Tube
  • Birthday Child Sequence
  • Ideas For Kid Shows
  • Spellbound
  • Dressing The Doll
  • Eddie Clever's Version Of The Sun And Moon
  • Clown...
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Human Pin Cushion Torture Box

Laurie Ireland
Human Pin Cushion Torture Box by Laurie Ireland

This was the showstopper of Laurie Ireland's school show. This illusion is big and flashy while still lightweight, easy to handle, packs flat, is self-contained, requires no special stage conditions, and only requires one assistant. This ebook explains everything you need to construct, perform, and present this fantastic illusion.

Effect: An assistant enters a cabinet just big enough to accommodate her. Panels open to show head and feet. The magician then pushes five metal rods clear through the center of the box and right thru the ribs of the victim. Two more rods are then shoved through...

★★★★★ $7.95
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How To Stack Dice

Clarke Crandall
How To Stack Dice by Clarke Crandall

A revised and enlarged version of his previous work on this subject. Four dice are tossed on the table, a dice cup put over the first one, and with quick movements, the dice cup is slid over each of the others in turn. Then the cup is lifted, and all four dice are stacked one on top of the other. It is a beautiful close-up trick, easy to learn with the help of this ebook. Many illustrations and dotted here and there with typical Crandall funnies.

1st edition 1974, 18 pages; PDF 25 page.

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Hole Collection

Billy McComb
Hole Collection by Billy McComb

This comedy routine on 'Holes' is right out of Billy McComb's commercial material. You are furnished with the designs for a pattern so you can quickly make up the props (all in paper) for stage or close-up use. You will have ten minutes of laughs from a pros act. You will find many uses for this excellent material. It can be as up-to-date as today's newspaper with current comedy talk.

PDF 8 pages

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1957 Card Annual

Laurie Ireland
1957 Card Annual by Laurie Ireland
  • Super Do As I Do
  • A Double Change
  • Kings On The Loose
  • Preface To Out Of This World
  • Billy Wiggins' Card Trick
  • Cards Of Sympathy
  • Five Card Super Vanish
  • Turnabout
  • Nest Egg
  • The Spectator's Force
  • Kidnapped
  • Marlo's Hofzinser
  • The Buckle Break
  • Marlo Bottom Count
  • Mystical Location
  • A Nervy Card Trick
  • Hockley's Prediction

1st edition 1958, 36 pages; PDF 34 pages.

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Action Palm: Revolutionary Card Technique No. 2

Edward Marlo
Action Palm: Revolutionary Card Technique No. 2 by Edward Marlo

Palming cards while the cards are in action of being shuffled.

  • The Action Palms
  • The Shuffle Palm
  • Delayed Action Palm
  • The Count Cop
  • Count Cop For A Number Of Cards
  • Count Cop For Small Packets
  • Count Cop And Transfer
  • Count Cop Exchange
  • Count Cop For Left Hand
  • Action Palm - One Hand
  • The Clip Steal
  • Turn Down Palm
  • Misdirection Palm
  • The Cull Palm
  • Cull Palm Replacement
  • Pressure Fan Palm
  • One Hand Palm As Action Palm
  • Take Techniques For Action Palm
  • Square Up Drop Palm
  • Drop Cut Palm
  • Double Action Palms
  • The Table Edge Palm
  • Pivot Bottom Steal
  • Brush Palm
  • Bits Of Misdirection
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Ireland's Year Book 1945

Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1945 by Laurie Ireland
  • The Unique Twentieth Century Silks
  • Glen Gloye's Necktie Trick
  • Practical Suggestions For The Welsh Rarebit Pan
  • Card Filtration
  • Back To Back
  • Betchas
  • The Magic Sharpshooter
  • Reversette
  • An Original Routine With The Milk Pitcher And Other Items Most Magicians Have
  • Wild Beer
  • My Favorite Card Routine
  • Cold Fire — The Magic Torch
  • The Earl Morgan Floating Ball
  • Using A Dart Board
  • Balloon To A Bouquet Of Flowers
  • The Hindu Rope Trick
  • The Z Ray Box
  • The Inexhaustible Hat
  • Tantalizing Thimbles
  • Rodeo Magic
  • "That's All" Wand
  • A New Idea On The 20th Century Trick
  • The Joe Sherman Spelling...
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