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Card System Deluxe
by H. Adrian Smith

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Card System Deluxe by H. Adrian Smith

A system to memorize a deck of cards.

Excerpt from the preface:

We are indeed happy to have the privilege of publishing this Classic in the realm of Card Memory Systems. This book provides a perfect explanation of a perfect plan for mastering what Adrian himself so aptly terms "the gentle art of never forgetting". The word "perfect" when uttered by a publisher or dealer is a mouthful we know, but we use it with consideration aforehand, and use it because we know that the practicable plan set forth in this book merits it.

In this brochure, he counsels in Mental Magic and presents you with a Card Memory System at once adapted to the neophyte and to the veteran performer. In it he has hit upon the keynote of all things successful, whether within the fold of Magic or elsewhere; and that one thing is Simplicity. And to all of us who will learn the system and file it in our minds with a thousand other mental gadgets, simplicity is vital.

We have been fortunate enough to have seen Adrian perform this mental feat - not once, but many times - and assure you that it is well worth mastering. While the author gives you, incidentally, a plan for remembering the names of objects by an easy method for the association of ideas, his ultimate goal is the memorizing of all or any part of a deck of cards. His method is both entertaining and mystifying to the audience; it is easy to acquire. And it works!

  • Publisher's Introduction
  • Card System DeLuxe
  • Personal Requirements
  • An Outline of the System
  • The Table of Digits
  • The Table Of Fixed Ideas
  • The Table Of Fixed Ideas For Playing Cards
  • Association of Ideas
  • Recalling The Cards
  • A Typical Example
  • Some Variations
  • Strengthening The Association
  • Some Suggestions
    • Memorizing A List Of Objects
    • Key Words For Other Systems
    • A Method For A Set-up Deck
    • Conclusion

This publication is included in Anthology of Card Magic.

1st edition 1940, 18 pages; PDF 17 pages.
word count: 5310 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text