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H. Adrian Smith

H. Adrian Smith

(East Providence, Rhode Island: 17th September 1908 - 13th January 1992)

Learned magic from book in 1922. Engineer and manager for a Boston manufacturer. Semi-pro magician 1932-33 specializing in sleight-of-hand and mental magic. Pet effects: Linking Rings and Dove Vanish. SAM President 1940-41 and IBM President 1948-49, being the 2nd person (after Eugene Bernstein) to hold both offices in these two leading American magical societies. MIMC 1958. SAM Hall of Fame 1977. Named 7th SAM Dean of American Magicians in 1983. 1989 Henry Ridgely Evans History Award.

Magic collector since 1924. Bought the Arthur F. Baird Collection of some 300 standard works in 1929; the Peter Graef Collection of 1,500 books in 1936 (purchased from Graef's widow in Chicago); and the 6,000-volume Milton A. Bridges Collection in 1940. Smith added to these, ending with over 10,000 items, mainly books. Gave this fine collection to Brown University in 1988.

Wrote 6 booklets: Flap Slate Wrinkles (1931, with U.F. Grant), Master Mysteries of 1933 (1933), Instant Magic Square (1933), It's In the Bag (1935), Card System Deluxe (20pp), and Superb Tricks (1953, 47pp). Articles on magicana in MUM, Sphinx, Tops (1936-40 column) and Linking Ring.

Coauthors: Ulysses Frederick Grant

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H. Adrian Smith
Card System Deluxe by H. Adrian Smith

A system to memorize a deck of cards.

Excerpt from the preface:

We are indeed happy to have the privilege of publishing this Classic in the realm of Card Memory Systems. This book provides a perfect explanation of a perfect plan for mastering what Adrian himself so aptly terms "the gentle art of never forgetting". The word "perfect" when uttered by a publisher or dealer is a mouthful we know, but we use it with consideration aforehand, and use it because we know that the practicable plan set forth in this book merits it.

In this brochure, he counsels in Mental Magic and presents you...

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Ulysses Frederick Grant & H. Adrian Smith
Flap Slate Wrinkles (used) by Ulysses Frederick Grant & H. Adrian Smith

Softcover stapled in good condition. Some staining on front and back cover. For details on the content see the digital edition.

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H. Adrian Smith
Superb Tricks by H. Adrian Smith

A compilation of effects by magic notable H. Adrian Smith including Modern Card Miracle, Magic Square, Twentieth Century Billiard Ball Trick, and an Effective Handkerchief stretch. 16 effects in all plus a introduction from Percy Abbott.

  • Introduction
  • Twentieth Century Billiard Ball Trick
  • New Card to the Pocket
  • A Modern Card Miracle
  • A Different Conclusion
  • Sympathetic Aces
  • Matching the Aces
  • A Sucker Mental Effect
  • A New Click Pass
  • The Coins Up the Sleeve
  • Passing Four Coins to a Glass
  • A Further Variation of the Passing of the Four Coins
  • An Effective Handkerchief Stretch
  • Untying a...
★★★★★ $7
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Ulysses Frederick Grant & H. Adrian Smith
Flap Slate Wrinkles by Ulysses Frederick Grant & H. Adrian Smith

Do you have a pair of old "flap slates" in your equipment? Well. It is time to dust off and use them! How? With the aid of a little manuscript by U.F. Grant and H. Adrian Smith. This wonderful little manuscript is full of original and practical ideas with slates that you can use immediately. It sounds strange, but you can perform the tricks detailed in the manuscript exactly as Grant and Smith explains even though the book was written in 1931! (This is magical itself... ).

From the preface:

"In launching our little manuscript upon the world of criticism, we have one aim alone - that of...

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)